If you find out that your cat is peeing everywhere in the house, it can suggest a list of problems with your feline friend. 

If a cat pees everywhere in the house but the litter box, it may be because it is dirty or they are not comfortable peeing in it. Excessive peeing everywhere can also hint toward several medical problems such as urinary tract infections. 

Apart from it, stress and other behavioral problem can too trigger the peeing issue. Thus, if you care for your cat, do not overlook their excessive peeing everywhere. 

Your cat may be in pain, and you should look out for them whenever they need you. You should also consult the vet about their peeing problem so that they can diagnose the problem and can treat them to become healthy again as soon as possible.

Why Is My Cat Peeing On Everything

What Are The Reasons For My Cat Peeing On Everything?

There could be anything from medical problems to the behavioral problem behind the excessive peeing of your cat. So if you want to stop them from doing it, you should first know the reason for their behavior.

Thus here are some of the reasons why they may be peeing everywhere:

  1. Urinary Tract Infection: It is a common issue in adult cats that can lead them to the problem of excessive peeing. Such infection can be due to the blockage of the urinary tract, and you may need to consult a vet immediately so that they can treat it in good time.
  2. Allergies: Another leading reason for excessive peeing in cats is an allergic reaction that causes them to lose control over their bladder due to excessive urination.
  3. Bladder Stones: If your cat suffers from the problem of stones in the bladder, it can also lead to excessive urination. If you don’t treat it in time, their condition may come to a point where they stop drinking water, and you may need to consult a vet immediately.
  4. Anxiety: Sometimes, your cat is anxious about something, and thus they feel uncomfortable. So they need to do something continuously to get rid of their anxiety. One thing that will help them is peeing now and then to feel more comfortable about themselves.
  5. Stress: When your cat feels too much stress in their daily lives, then they may lose control over their bladder, and thus, they start peeing everywhere. The owner should be careful in such cases to identify the reason for the stress and remove it immediately.
Why Is My Cat Peeing On Everything

How To Stop My Cat From Peeing Everywhere?

However, if you want to stop, there are some easy ways to train them in a new behavior that will save everyone time and effort in cleaning the mess.

  • Find Out What’s Affecting Their Bladder Health

Cats that drink too much water can make them susceptible to urinary tract infections, which cause problems with their bladders and kidneys.

Try to keep their water intake to what their body requires. If you feed them a diet that is not heavy, they may need more liquid.

  • Don’t Overfeed Them.

This is one of the biggest cat peeing problems that you could have right now. Many people think it’s best to feed your cat as much food as the bowl can hold, so they do not leave the house unsupervised. 

However, this won’t always be the case, especially if your cat prefers toys over real food. Your cat will realize this and stop eating when they feel full.

  • Use Litter Boxes Properly

Cats like privacy when going to the bathroom; not everyone is comfortable with strangers staring at their privacy. 

When you put the litter box out, ensure it does not look disgusting and has a clean smell. Cats prefer a set location for their litter box, so try and find a corner or wall in your home where they go most often. 

If cats can’t find the location easily, they can quickly get frustrated and start looking elsewhere in your home.

Why is My Cat Peed On My Clothes Right In Front Of Me

Why is My Cat Peed On My Clothes Right In Front Of Me?

It is frustrating and disgusting to find out that your cat peed on your clothes. Thus it is necessary to find out the reason and to stop this behavior of your cat so that they do not keep messing with your clothes and house. 

There can be multiple reasons why your cat is doing so, from medical reasons to separation anxiety, stress, or training can be the reason triggering them to pee on your clothes.

1. Untrained Cats

When you bring a new cat into your house, they will be scared of the new surrounding and the owner. So it is quite common that they explore everything in the house, including your clothes. 

Also, new cats will urinate when they get irritated or scared. It is good to train them so that they learn where to pee and where not to pee. Untrained cats often pee on your clothes as they are not taught to do otherwise.

 If there is any change in their routine, they are likely to turn back to their old action, such as urinating on their clothes.

Most cats who have just moved into a new home often find it hard to adapt to the environment, so they become stressed. As a result of stress, the cat may start urinating on your clothes again.

2. Patient With Kidney Disease

Kidney disease makes it difficult for the cat to retain water which might cause them to urinate more frequently. If your cat suffers from kidney disease, you should take them to a veterinarian immediately, as delayed treatment can lead to increased complications.

Dietary, urinary, or kidney problems can make cats drinks a lot. The urge to pee will increase if your cat drinks a lot. This is why cats pee on their clothes to mark where they have been. 

Use positive reinforcement for good behavior. You should train your cat to mark their territory and other things like certain objects. This can be achieved by using clicker training to make your cat adopt a new behavior without hassle.

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