This is interesting to know why cats are afraid of owls. Many cat owners doubt why their cats are scared of owls and why cats hide when they see owls or hear owl sounds.

Are Cats Afraid Of Owls? 

Yes, most cats are afraid of owls. But some cats may not fear owls as every cat is different from one another, so cats’ personalities and fears are also different. However, Owls are said to be the predator of cats, and it seems quite normal for the cats to be afraid of them.

This is because owls can attack cats whenever they get a chance. Thus it sets the natural fear of owls in most cats. 

Although these attacks happen mainly in the wild, it does not mean that they cannot happen in the city. Thus as a cat owner, you must take care of their predators whenever you take them with you outside.

Are Cats Afraid Of Owls

Would A Cat Beat An Owl?

If you have a cat and you live near where you find many owls, then you should know whether cats fear owls or can they beat owls on their own. If you talk about the encounter between a cat and owl, then there are so many factors that can affect the result of this encounter. 

Most small cats that do not have much experience surviving without their owners outside the house may be afraid of going near the owls. This applies to owls, too, as small owls do not look for a fight with cats while a stronger and bigger owl can look for an attack on the cats.  

Thus now, if you wonder if your cat can beat an owl, then the answer is no, as owls have the advantage of flying and attacking with sharp reflexes without giving any time to run to their prey. 

The owls look out for the small cats to prey on them as their chances of fighting back get slim. As owls are very sharp-sighted, they used to get ready to attack any possible prey. 

The owls avoid fights with cats as a win is never guaranteed in case of a fight since these owls are also smart and wise enough to know that the cats are much stronger than them.

They will fight back against the first attack from the owl by giving them multiple opportunities of running away. When running away from the owl, if the cat gets closer to the owner, it will be easy for the owner to catch the cat as it will be safe for them. 

They may also hide behind a nearby big object to protect themselves from close attacks from owls.

What Are Cats Afraid Of

What Are Cats Afraid Of?

If you are considering getting a cat as a pet, you should first know what things can make your cat stressed. And what are cats most afraid of to make their stay in your house comfortable. As you know, cats are sensitive, picky, or moody. 

Thus, it takes time and patience for them to start bonding with them. 

Here are some of the things that cats are afraid of:

  • Loud noises: The first thing you should take care of is the loud noises in your house. They are afraid of loud noises as it startles them and gives them a bad time. Try to keep the noise level down when you have to shout your orders or listen to the music loudly
  • Crowd: If there are many people around them, your cat will feel scared and stressed, like being around many people in a meeting room, at a party, or any other social gathering. They can adjust with one or two people around them but not more than that.
  • Other animals: This one is important; you must remember that your cat might not like other animals in the house. There may be a possibility for them to attack each other so if you are planning to get another pet, then make sure first that the pets will get along well with each other otherwise, there would be lots of confusion and unrest among the pets. Keep a time gap between the pets as they need time and space to know each other.
  • Odor and bad smells: Your cat hates foul smells, especially when some dead rats are lying somewhere in your house. So it is essential to keep the smell of urine and poop out of the house. In addition, you should ensure that your cat has no access to foul smells from other pets or the outdoors.
  • New environment and place: You should take your cat to some new places or environments so that they can feel safe and secure. It gives them a sense of security as they get used to their new place and environment.

Cats are sensitive animals, so any change in their daily routine can affect them a lot; thus, try to keep these things down so that you can pet your cat correctly in your house.

Why Cats Are Afraid Of Owls?

Reasons For Why Cats Are Afraid Of Owls?

Owls are predators of cats, and thus it makes them dangerous for cats. But you should know that owls get interested in preying on domesticated cats, only they have a shortage of their regular prey. A large owl’s presence can alone make the cats fear them. 

Owls have a smooth and silent vision, which makes them perfect predators. They also possess the advantage of flying. They are good predators and stalk their prey to analyze their movement before attacking them. 

They are nocturnal birds and can see their prey’s surroundings. 

Here are the most popular reasons why cats hate owls:

1. Owl is a powerful predator and a formidable hunter

Owls eat small animals such as mice, rats, rabbits, and hares, and they also reach big animals such as cats, bunny rabbits, and birds. 

They kill the prey with their sharp talons or beak or by poisoning it with their feces with toxins. In addition, owls are fast runners that can run up to 40km per hour, whereas one cat can run up to 8km per hour.

2. Owls are soundless

This is why cats fear them because they can’t know when the owl is coming for a kill. Thus it makes them afraid of any animal that makes little noise and flying animals because they can’t know where the attack from such a flying animal will come from.

3. Owls have nocturnal vision.

Owls have perfect night vision and can see even in the dark, but their eyes glow at night. While cats also have good night vision, they glow their eyes while sleeping. 

Cats can see very well during the day, but their bad eyesight makes them vulnerable to predators at night.

Cats bear a natural hatred for all birds, which makes them more afraid of flying birds like owls than ground-dwelling animals. 

Because cats can’t fly, they fear that an owl can drop on them from above when they least expect it and thus fear that they won’t see it coming.

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