Your kitten not drinking water could be directly related to some illness, or she may be uncomfortable with the bowl in which the water is served. However, the cleanliness of the water you are giving to them can also be why kittens won’t drink water. 

Certain things could bother the cat not to drink water. So it’s become essential to find the root of this problem to ensure the cat’s health.

why your kitten won’t drink water

Why Is My Kitten Not Drinking Water?

So if you too are suffering from the same problem, you sure want to look at the reason to solve it as fast as possible. First, you should check out your cat’s health if the kitten is not suffering from any illness or disease.

The second thing to focus on is cleanliness. Cats and kittens prefer a clean environment and like to drink water in a washed and clean dish.

You need to take care of the sanitation around them while serving the water to them. Also, make sure that the water is fresh, and it should not be to two-three days old. Thus the owners must change the water every day in the kitten’s bowl. 

According to some researchers, kittens won’t drink water because of psychological problems. For instance, there may be a case where she has a particular place to drink the water.

The change of location of serving them water also makes the difference in their behavior. The cats can then stop drinking water unless you give them the water to their likable place. 

why your kitten won’t drink water?

How Do I Get My Kitten To Drink Water?

Water is necessary for the cats to protect them from dehydration and to keep them healthy. Once you know that your cat is not dealing with any diseases or health-related issues. Then after this, you can try some various methods to make them drink water. 

At first, you can try to have multiple accesses to the water in the house. This means that you can keep many bowls full of water in different places of the house to make it easy for the cat. The cat roams in the whole house and can drink water from the nearest bowl to them. 

People can also try to give the freshwater to the kittens and cats. Like you can take the help of the fountain in your garden or the running water from the pipe. This can attract the cat to drink water, and they like to drink the fresh running water more than the kept still water. 

You can also try some flavor juice available for kittens. You can add one or two spoons of juice to a bowl of water, and there are some cats who like to drink flavored water. 

The owners of cats must make sure that their cats drink water regularly to provide them with all the required nutrition. 

How Long Can A Kitten Go Without Drinking Water?

Water is a basic need of any living body, and thus cats need it too. On average, the cats can for three to four days without water. After this, they are likely to feel the complication of dehydration.

The long the cats will not drink water, the more they will get dehydrated. Regular dehydration can turn into some serious disease and can also cause the death of the cats. 

Now you know how serious it can be if your cat stops Drinking water. You need to react to this situation quickly and should determine the reason for it.

Then, if you want, you can take your cat to the vet for the proper check. The vet will tell you the reason and solution why your kitten won’t drink water

Reasons Why Kitten Is Not Drinking Water?

1.Bowl and its material

There can be so many reasons why a cat stops Drinking water. The first thing you can do is check the bowl or dish in which you serve the water. As different cats have their various preferences in the material, they like to drink the water. 

You can experiment with the bowl-like if you are using the bowl of steel, then you can change it with the ceramic or glass one. These small experiments can sometimes give you better results. 


The surrounding where you serve or have water access for the cats also matters. The cats like the clean and fresh environment where they feel comfortable drinking Water. A cat can find a specific environment suitable to fulfill its thrust. 

These could be preliminary reasons why kittens won’t drink water, which needed to be solved quickly. 

Why Is It Necessary To Drink Water For Cats?

The cat’s body is also made up of 60 to 70 percent water, the same as humans. Water becomes essential to fulfill the nutrient demands, and if a kitten doesn’t drink water, it can cause serious health problems. The cats need to consume water because,

  • The water helps in the proper functioning of the kidney. In addition, it helps in releasing out the toxin and unnecessary waste of the body. 
  • This prevents the probability of having any disease related to kidneys. In addition, water consumption decreases the chance of having gall bladder stones.
  • It helps to maintain the proper body temperature and improves blood circulation. This also is beneficial to digest the food easily. 
  • Water consumption also prevents the body of the cat from getting dehydrated. The dehydration in the body can lead to many serious health complications which you surely want to avoid. Thus it keeps all the body organs healthy and hydrated. 

If you have a cat or a kitten as a pet and he is not drinking water properly. Then you can adopt the tips and advice given above to ensure his health.

There are so many health complications of not drinking water, and thus it becomes the owner’s duty to do whatever it takes to solve it immediately. You can take the vet’s help if you want as he has the proper knowledge about it. 

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