Cat loved to stay clean and healthy all the time. When she develops strong bonding between you and her, she tries to take care of you. The licking is the way to showing affection. Cat tries to groom you by licking in the middle of the night.

Why does my cat wake me up at 3 am?

The cats are nocturnal creatures by nature. They sleep all day and wake up after dusk. Generally, animals hung all night when the small animals are sleeping.

It is the right time to find food for the animals that live in the forest. There are reasons why your cat would like to stay awake all night and bother you while you are sleeping.

She may wake you up in the dead of night for the food or play.

1) During the day, the cat may not be active and spending most of the time sleeping. She is not getting enough stimulation during the day.

There might be much reason behind her non-activeness. When she completed her sleep, she suddenly becomes charge up and may like to exercise and play.

The normal cycle might be different for you and your cat. This is where the primary problem arises. When you got to sleep, your cat wakes up, and she tries to involve you in the play.

2) There is another possibility that they need a companion to stay active. When you are at the job during the day, she might get the board in the home.

As when you came up, she tries to spend more time with you playing, jumping on the bed, cuddling, licking your hands and face. It would be best if you found some free time when you are at home to pet her.

3) When cats are hungry, they approach their owner. In the middle of the night, the cat wakes you up and asks for food, or she might be thirsty.

Arrange the midnight snacks for her in the food tray, so she will not bother you at midnight.

4) Due to your workload or any other reason, your schedule doesn’t match the cat’s routine. In this case, the cat will find the nighttime to build affection with you.

She will spend the whole day sleeping when you are not available to pet them, and at night when you are on your bed, she will make her way to your room and start bothering you in the night.

5) Check the cat’s bedding or little pan if it is properly arranged. In the cold weather, condition cat cannot sleep on the floor. She needs proper bedding.

If her litter pan is a mess, then she might not be able to sleep inside. Re-arrange the little pan and let the cat sleep comfortably.

Why does my cat lick me in the middle of the night

How I stopped my cat from waking me up at 3 am?

Observe the cat’s behavior when you see the cat is awake all night. If she is afraid of something, she might not sleep and try to stay close to you to find a safe place. Anything that is freaking her should be removed from the house.

It can be the noise of the household appliance that may sound louder to the cat, which makes the freak-out.

If the cat’s behavior doesn’t change over time, you should consult with the doctor. She might have developed some anxiety.

In most of the case, when the cat finds insecure in the place, she will lose her sleep.

She might have noticed the predator around the house. In that case, inspect the area to find any animal, or else other cats wander around the house in the nighttime.

The cat can sense the presence of other creatures even it is roaming outside the house.

Additionally, visit the veteran and diagnose her health condition. She might have an injury or some disease impact, which may cause pain during the night.

Some cat breed develops high blood pressure as they age. The veteran will tell you what caused her to stay awake all night. Please do not take it lightly.

It may have serious consequences on the health of the cat.

Why does my cat lick me in the middle of the night

What does it mean when your cat sleeps with you?

Cat is one of the creatures who like to sleep of lot. When it comes to sleep, she looks for a comfy bed or a place where no one will disturb them.

If you are a cat owner, you might have noticed the cat likes to stay close to you all the time, and most of the time, she will sleep close to you, on your lap, etc.

You can find the cat sleeping on the shelves, boxes, tables, and sometimes on you when lying on the bed. Cat mostly takes sleeping naps during the day.

Unlike human fix sleeping hours, cat naturally takes quick naps, which repeats throughout the day. Cat are natural-born hunters. They are always alert and respond to any activity or noise instantly.

You will find them they are ready to fight or defend themselves in any situation. Therefore, they try to find a secure place to hide or stay safe from predators.

You might have noticed the cat try to sleep inside your blanket or sleep in the cardboard boxes. Such a place makes them feel comfortable, and they believe it will hide them from predators.

Why does my cat lick me in the middle of the night

Should I let my cat lick me?

The licking is the activity that animals perform when they want to show affection towards the other creature. It shows that the cat has built a strong bond with you, and she cares about you. Like the mother lick their cat all the time to keep them calm.

However, cat licking is a good sign for the cat owner, but you should be aware of the other factors that may cause the health problem.

Licking may improve the bond between you and your cat, but there are chances that you will be exposed to the deadly virus which is harmful to your body.

Bacteria and viruses present in the cat’s saliva may pass from the lick and enter your body. It may develop a serious infection internally.

Moreover, the cat constantly nears the ground. She spends more of the time outside wandering around the house and sleeping in unhygienic places.

Her body may collect several types of bacteria, which may come in close contact with your body when they lick her own body while grooming and repeat the same licking process to your face or hand.

It may be harmful to you and your family members who get into direct contact.

It is not advisable to allow your cat to lick your face or hand. Clean you face with the soap if she licks it in the night to avoid any side effect.


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