Many cat owners like their cat to come and sleep with them, but some get disturbed by the cat sleeping between them and their spouse. Thus that is why they wonder what the reason behind this behavior of their cat is.  So if you, too, find that the cat likes to sleep on your bed with you and your spouse, then there can be multiple reasons for this incident. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Husband And Me?

Cats like to rest where they find comfort and always look for a safe place to sleep. So it could be possible that the place you have provided them to sleep is not comfortable or they are scared of sleeping there. This could also make them come and sleep on your bed with you. 

Apart from it, the cat’s past trauma incidents can also affect your cat’s sleeping habits. 

Thus, if you are having trouble sleeping because your cat is sleeping beside you, you should find out why this issue is. You can also consult the vet to ask if there are any other causes behind this behavior.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Husband And Me

Reasons For Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Husband And Me

If you are wondering what makes your cat sleep between you and your spouse, you have come to the right place. Here you will get all the answers and reasons behind this behavior.

  • Separation anxiety: You might have noticed that your cat sleeps on the bed or in the bed with you but does not usually get off easily, and this proves to be a fun fact for many pet owners who think their cats are afraid of them. This is one of the most important reasons your cat sleeps between you and your husband. Cats suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for a long time.
  • They are seeking safety: Every cat needs a safe and comfortable place to sleep, and what safer than could be sleeping with their caring and loving owners. This is why they feel safe around you and do not want to get separated at night.
  • They need warmth:  Most cats love to feel their owners’ warmth, so they tend to sleep in the bedroom. Moreover, a cat can have enough rest and be on time; this will make him less stressed, healthier, and active for your return. Finally, if your pet is older, you don’t need to worry about leaving him alone because most old cats will sleep themselves.
Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Husband And Me

What Does A Cat Sleeping In Your Room Suggest?

Some cats enjoy sleeping where they can keep an eye on the people they love. On the other hand, it may be that your cat is looking for warmth; cats tend to have lower body temperatures than humans.

Cats also like to have a good view of their surroundings without getting up and changing positions ever so often. 

So if you’ve got the right environment, dark and cozy, with a good vantage point, then it might not be surprising that your kitty would want in.

 It’s not always obvious why your beloved pets do certain things. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that there’s no meaning behind it.

Your cat may not have any problems with the sleeping arrangement. However, it could be your husband or wife who has a problem sharing their bed with a cat. 

If that’s the case, then you need to take action by talking to them and perhaps suggesting they sleep elsewhere until their attitude changes and they stop being so hostile towards your cat.

Other times, cats sleep between two people because they’re very affectionate animals who like to sleep where they know they’re loved and wanted.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me And Not On My Husband

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me And Not On My Husband?

As you all know, cats can be very picky, so they always try to go for the people with whom they share attachments and bonds. If you and your husband spend more time with the cat, they share a good bond with you rather than your husband. So whenever they try to seek comfort and love, they choose you to sleep on. 

The cats also like to sleep with the people around, which makes them feel safe and comfortable. So the cat needs a safe environment so that they can sleep and rest without any worry. 

Cats sleep about 16 hours daily, and it’s common for them to curl up with their favorite person as soon as they go to sleep. 

One factor that could play into this behavior is that cats like to keep their body heat steady, so your cat can regulate its temperature by sleeping near someone nice and warm.

Additionally, because cats are nocturnal creatures, they tend to want company when the sun goes down. It may also be a territorial thing; many people think of their pets as family members instead of just animals who live with them. 

The fact that cats are naturally territorial could contribute to their tendency to curl up with their owners at night. Cats want to sleep with people they feel safe with; this is an instinct.

How Do You Stop A Cat From Sleeping On The Bed Between You And Your Husband

How Do You Stop A Cat From Sleeping On The Bed Between You And Your Husband?

Understandably, sometimes it can get irritating and uncomfortable to sleep with the cat between you and your spouse. 

So if you want to stop this behavior of your cat, then you need to follow these tips to solve the issue:

  • Provide them a safe and comfortable place to sleep: It is one of the common reasons your cat can’t sleep in the place you have given to them. They may be scared of their sleeping place. Thus you must provide them a good spot, a safe and comfortable place so they can rest properly.
  • Please do not put your cat outside at night: Sometimes, people set up an outside place for their cat to sleep as they do not want their house to get messed up. Unfortunately, this can make your cat sneak away from there to your bedroom as they get scared of all the noises of the vehicles during the night.
  • Regularly clean their bed: Also, ensure that their sleeping pod is regularly clean and cozy so that cats can sleep there quite comfortably.

Cats are very picky with their sleeping places so if you want good for both you and your pet, try to follow these tips, which can be problem-solving.

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