Void means empty or invisible, So if you are a cat owner, you must have heard someone using the term void for their cat. 

Why Are Black Cats Called Voids? Completely black-colored cats are called voids. They are known as voids because their black fur can make them almost invisible in the dark. So, if you try to find the black cut, it becomes challenging to find them even if they are in front of you because they can hide well in the dark because of their black fur.

Black cats have dark coats and are usually agile and quiet. They are nocturnal animals which means they are active at night. Black cats make good pets because they can be very affectionate, friendly, sociable, and playful with people. 

Black cats are called voids because of their almost invisible nature in the dark, and also, they can be seen only if there is sufficient light in them. So, black cats are called voids because of this reason.

What Does Void Mean In Cats

What Does Void Mean In Cats?

Generally, Void is referred for nothingness, and in the cat community, Void is used for black cats. The complete black cats have thick black fur, which makes them capable of disappearing in very dark places.

They use their fur as good camouflage whenever they need to hide in the dark. Apart from this, if you have a black cat, you know how black cats seem to be the same as dark places or spots. 

Even though this is a black cat, there is no appropriate word to describe them. Whenever you look at your black cat, it feels like you are watching any dark place. This seems to be weird, but it is true.

Why Are Black Cats Called Voids

Reasons Why Black Cats Are Called Voids?

If you wonder what Void stands for in the cat community, you will be surprised to know that it is a term that refers to the black cat. Now, why do black cats called voids? They got this name because, as you know, Void means the realm of nothingness.

So if you look at the black cats, you will see nothing but a dark spot which gives the feeling of emptiness. 

Thus this is the reason why voids are linked here with black cats. Black cats are born with a dark coat; hence they look like voids.

Why Are Black Cats Called Voids

What Does A Black Cat Symbolize?

According to many cultures, the black cat brings good luck, while some people believe that they are associated with witchcraft and bring bad luck to your house. This is why some people are afraid of getting them into their houses. They are scared that they might be a bad influence on their family. 

But this belief has no evidence to prove so as well. Some people believe that having a black cat will bring them good luck, while others say that if you have a black cat, it will surely bring bad luck to you and your family members. The belief is due to the ignorance of people.

Another common or, let’s say, famous superstition is that if you are going on your way and a black cat crosses your path, then it will bring bad luck or terrible things that can happen to you if you continue with that path. People who believe in science do not believe in these myths.

Why Are Black Cats Good To Keep In Your House?

Apart from the superstitions and beliefs, the black cat is said to be a great pet. A black cat’s fur is easy to maintain and care for, no matter the season.

In addition, it’s unlikely that a black cat will show any fear or aggression towards guests in your home. Black cats make great pets for several reasons, not just one. 

Here are five of the best.

  • They are great survivalists:  Black cats are known to be great survivalists by themselves. Their pure dark black fur is camouflaged when their predators are hunting them. So if a big and ferocious dog is hunting a black cat, it would be able to blend in with its surroundings and blend into the darkness.
  • They make great pets for older people:  The biggest reason black cats make great pets is that they are easy to take care of and train. Older people living on their own for a very long time may find it challenging to take care of a dog or a cat. However, black cats can be trained to keep themselves clean and avoid messing.
  • They are beautiful: Many people overlook the beauty of black cats. Black cats may not be as popular as their colorful counterparts, but they are just as beautiful and unique. A few distinctive features of the black cat are their big and expressive eyes.
  • They are a lot of fun:  Black cats make great pets because they have a lot of energy and love playing around more than other cat species. These pets always have something new to explore or find in your house, which would provide you with a good amount of entertainment.
  • They are fearless: Black cats aren’t afraid of anything. Sure, there are a lot of myths and negative terms that people use to describe these creatures. Although they may seem angry, many people find this trait of black cats one of their best traits. But in reality, these pets are harmless and would never cause anyone any harm.  
Interesting Facts About Black Cats

Interesting Facts About Black Cats

Black cats are not just a Halloween novelty but a wild cat that has been around for thousands of years. Here are some interesting facts about these often maligned animals that you might not know.

1. Black cats have a positive effect on love life: 
Japanese people believe owning a black cat can bring your love life back on track. In addition, they believe that people who have black cats get more attention from their lovers or strangers.

2. Black cats resist diseases: 
Black cats are very resistant to diseases and illnesses. Unlike other animals, they rarely get affected by human diseases, which makes them a good companion for children and elders. People with black cats as pets do not need to worry about their furry friends running away with cold or flu.

3. An omen of bad luck: 
Since the Middle Ages, black cats have been considered an omen of bad luck if they cross your path. However, a contrary belief states that a black cat in your house is lucky because it will protect you against burglary and fires.

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