Mainly, the cat mom decides to bring just a single kitten at a time and leave their rest kittens at the place their rest. People think it is their favorite act, but it might be because the cat is telling their kittens are facing an issue.

Nature is a complicated concept; cats might get trapped in two different situations, but they are both friendly and have the instinct to be complex. The instincts of a cat regarding the non-safety of their kittens encourage them to avoid taking all their kittens from one place to another.

Due to their ill health, kittens might have less life, impacting their future and well-being. If the cat is bringing with them one kitten, then you need to be careful and examine what the reason that is responsible for the issues is.

Once the concept of reason is clear, then accordingly, you can take action to make things better for the mother cat. Focus on maintaining your relationship with cats, a crucial part of your life.

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Why Does My Cat Only Bring Me One Kitten?

Why Would a Mother Cat Reject One of the Kittens?

The main reason for rejecting the kittens is their severe health condition. The chances of rejection are great if the mothers have an issue with their kitten and think they will not have a long life in the future.

After giving birth to kittens, it is the right time to take care of them so that they have a healthy life in the future. Various reasons make it difficult for them to take care of their babies, and having an idea of these reasons will make things simple and better.

  • Illness In Mother Cat:

If a mother of kittens has health issues, it will create nursing issues. Due to ill health, cats cannot generate a good amount of milk for kittens. Issues like dehydration and malnourishment will also affect the ability of a mother to supply milk.

  • Sick Kittens:

Sometimes issues are also found in one of the kittens; in that case, they will not like to feed that one. She might leave the sick kitten and focus on the other one as she is not comfortable with the sick kitten.

  • Large Litter of Kittens:

 Litters are so large that mothers do not have an adequate option to feed their kittens. The amount of milk production might be low to feed the litter working for them.

  • Immature Mother Cat:

Young cats usually do not produce enough milk in some situations if they are thin. Generally, a female cat can get pregnant if they are about four months old.

Why Would a Mother Cat Move Only One Kitten?

Why Would a Mother Cat Move Only One Kitten?

Like human beings, mother cat keeps concerned about giving their kittens a better life. Owners of pets focus on providing a comfortable nest place for their kittens. The main reason that they move one kitten is that they are not comfortable with the place where their kittens are already living.

Moving kittens from one place to another is not due to single reasons. It will depend on the mother cat why they choose to transfer their kittens from one place to another.

  • The main reason they choose to shift the kittens is that there is something wrong with them that will affect their benefit concerned.
  • If the litter is too big, the mother cat plans to shift their babies from one place to another.
  • She is in a period of confusion after they give birth to their kittens.
  • The place where the kittens are living is not the choice of mother cats; in this situation, they search for a better area to live in.

In general, cats give birth to more than one kitten at a time; there are various reasons that create a situation of transfer of kittens from one place. These are some reasons that make the shift of kittens a valid option.

Why My Cat Brings Me Kittens?

Why My Cat Brings Me Kittens?

Usually, when a cat brings their kitten to you, then that may be because they trust you with that. Domestic cats are not that overprotective, and that depends on the relationship that you have with your mother cat. When your cat’s mother trusts the owner, then it may think you are a member of her pack and bring kittens to you.

Not just that, but there can be several other reasons too for why your cat brings her kitten to you, and those are-

  • If she is not an experienced mother, then they may want you to take care of them. Cats are not that simple; they usually figure out the stuff on their own and also feel inadequate for the job, which is not an easy thing to do. Handling 3-6 kittens at a time is difficult, so they bring it to you.
  • Cat’s mother may think of you as a surrogate mother because kittens will be yours once they are all grown up. Mama cat thinks that if there is any issue with the kittens, that will also be your issue.
  • Another reason your cat brings you her kitten is that she is so proud of her babies. She is doing well and knows it, which makes her happy, and she wants to share her happiness with others. It means she is bringing the kittens to you to show off.
  • Everyone knows that a cat does not smell nice, and the mother cat may want the nesting box to smell in a specific way. She wants her kitten to smell like that, but in some cases, when this does not happen, then that may freak her out, and she will bring her to you. That is why you need to look over the nesting place and ensure there is no unpleasant smell.

A cat may bring their kittens to you because they are stressed and want to go out for a while. When she does so, it will just calm her down. 

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