Dogs and cats are both wild animals who adopted the new habitat. It would be difficult to say which one is better. Both the animals are adorable and loyal to their owners. Cats are mostly preferred as a pet because they don’t need much care. They keep themselves clean and neat.

We will try to distinguish the positive and negative traits of the dog and cats to find which one is better among them.

Why are cats better than dogs

Ten reasons why cats are better than dogs

1) Less space required

The cats can live in a small space. Cat does not need a large size area or bed to sleep. They circle their body to make a comfortable sleeping posture. Cats don’t need unique accommodation to live in the home.

Cats can even share the bed with you if you allow them. The dog needs a particular area to sleep. As they grow, the dog will occupy more space in the home. 

Having a dog is like having a person in the home. You have to take care of their accommodation else; the dog will feel discomfort in the house and bark all the time.

2) Adorable

Compared to the dog, cats are naturally adorable. From childhood, the cat will have soft fur that feels great. Also, cats are very playful. As well as cats are so cute. You will find them playing with the toys, exploring the things around them, chasing you all the time when you are at home.

They do everything that makes you adore them and find the way in your heart. Dogs may not be too active except when they are a child. After that, the dogs prefer to stay away most of the time and only interact when it is dinner time.

3) Perfectly Content

Cats would prefer staying in the home all the time without making any noise and showing discomfort. Therefore, a cat prefers an indoors-only lifestyle. In contrast, the dogs want to go out and like to play in the open ground. 

They prefer open spaces where they can run, jump, and enjoy nature. They want to lot of exercise such as walking and exploring the new things they find on the path. Having a dog would add extra work to your plate.

4) Quit nature

Cats generally stay pretty in the home. They only produce the meow sound when they want to express something such as hunger or pain. Then, the cat develops the pattern that tells them when it is time to eat.

They start making the sound only when it is time for lunch or dinner. The whole time cat will be sitting in the home or sleeping. Dogs bark more and express with the loud noise. 

They also react to any activities happening around the house with the barking. It may disturb you and make you feel anxious when your dog reacts to ordinary things.

5) Kitten need less caring than puppies

Their mother generally takes kittens’ care. As a result, they are immune to survive in difficult situations. In addition, the cat takes care of the sanitation of the kitten, so the chances of falling sick are lesser compared to the puppies.

A low amount of caring or attention is needed to protect the kitten. Puppies need more attention starting from their diet plan, cleanliness, sleep, etc. They also find it difficult to adjust to the new environment. So you have to control their new place regularly and make them comfortable.

6) Natural Hunters

Pest free home is one of the benefits you enjoy when you have a cat in the house. The cats are born hunters, so they keep anything that roams around the home away from their living space. Stalking the insects is in their DNA. 

Any insect they find in the home will immediately jump over it and ensure that it goes out of the house. However, you should ensure that your cat doesn’t eat the bug or mouse. Eating them may make the cat sick.

7) Less effort in a little box

Cat uses a litter box for a toilet. It is easy to clean the litter box than spending hours walking your dog in the park. 

You can strategically place the container in the home, so the cat can immediately use them whenever needed.

For example, you do not need to take your cat for a walk in the summer or the freezing temperature. A cat can stay all the time indoors without needing to go out without reason.

8) Cat groom itself

One of the qualities that pet lovers appreciate about the cat is its cleanliness. The cat grooms every day without fail. Even if they come from the outside thoroughly wet in the rain, they will soak themselves with their tongue.

Dog does not have such natural skill. They will stay dirty all the time. The owner has to perform the cleaning session to keep their dog clean. 

Do love to roll around on the ground and mud, which add more dirt to their body. Do require routine bathing and grooming session to keep them clean and healthy.

9) Cat reads the facial expression

Cats have a natural ability to know what is going on in your life. As you start spending more time with your cat, they begin recognizing the pattern to understand how you react to certain activities. 

For example, when you express yourself as happy, the cat will join you and start playing with you.

When you come from a busy day and need personal space, the cat will read your frustration and stress and give you room to relax. The cat will not disturb you until they see you have recovered from the stress.

10) Health benefits

It is considered the cat is one of the animals that help people to reduce stress and anxiety. The purring sound the cat makes enables the person to feel relaxed. It is a kind of meditation music playing around you that slows down the neuron activities in your brain. 

Also, the fur of the cat makes your sense active. When you touch your cat and take them close to cuddle them, the feel of the cat would make you comfortable. You will go into a deep sleep when your cat is around.

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