Cats are lazy animals but sometimes do unique activities.

Why Does My Cat Scratch The Wall? Yes, some of the cats scratch the wall whenever they get bored. Another reason for this behavior could be that most cats scratch the walls to remove the dead skins off their claws.

Some people may find this behavior of a cat scratching the walls adorable, but they do not mostly because they want to tell or indicate something. There could be a lot of reasons behind this gesture, and the owner must find it to understand his cat fully.


What Does It Mean When A Cat Scratches The Wall?

The cat scratches the walls for a number of reasons and is quite the expected behavior of the cat. But if you have the cat as a pet, you surely do not want your house’s walls to get full of scratches. 

The cats can scratch the wall if they are uncomfortable with something or feel anxious or angry, and they often do it whenever they get bored of staying indoors. 

It would be best if you looked into this matter to understand why your cat is in this behavior. Like walls and the floors and wood, they try to scratch the things that come in front of them. 

This can be bad for the valuable things you have in your house, and the cat’s behavior can damage them.

Why Cats Scratch On Walls

Top 5 Reasons Why Cats Scratch On Walls

There could be several reasons as follows:

1.Dead Skin Removal

The main reason for scratching is that cats want to keep themselves healthy, and the scratch helps them remove the dead skins of their claws. The dead skin can have some negative impact on their health which cats tend to avoid and in order to keep their claws healthy. 

The claws are the main thing used when they hunt any prey, and they hold, grab, and lift the prey using their claws. But with age and time, these claws begin to grow dead skin which can affect their hunting.

2.May Have Conflicts Or Dislikes

The cats are a little bit difficult to care for than the dogs and other pets as they do not tolerate the existence of other pets in the house. So if you have another pet or multiple cats, this could be the reason behind all the scratching. 

Also, whenever they dislike anything, for example, the food, the place, or the water can affect their mood. Any minor change in their surrounding can be the reason for the cat dislikes.

 Thus, the owners should care while adjusting the cats to a new place or the environment and ensure that their cat likes the whole change. 

3.Marking The Territory

The cats are the animals who believe in marking their territory. This behavior of cats came from their wild ancestors, so next time you find your cat scratching the wall, it could be one of these reasons. 

The cats have this habit of marking the territory to give out the message to their potential threat. Although there is no threat in the house, it still tells that the place is theirs. The sweat on their claws gives the message to other threats that the cat takes this place.

They also dominate in their territory and indicates to all that the things in their territory belong to them and they should not enter without their permission. 

4.Scratch Symbolizes The Boredom Or Happiness

There are cases when the cats scratch on the walls and other surfaces to show that they are happy with the surroundings or with the things. There could be other gestures to show this emotion, and scratching is one of them. 

Another reason may be boredom, and this could happen when you have left your cat in the house alone. 

Though it does not matter how many toys you give to them to play with, they would still scratch the entire surface they get. The cats are generally mischievous and like to give problems to their owners with their behaviors.

5. They Scratch After Using Litter Box

The cats also have the habit of scratching the surfaces just after using the litter box. The scratches show discomfort and displeasure while littering in the litter box. 

The sanitary measure of the litter can also affect the cat’s behavior. They like to litter in a clean environment and do not compromise with the environment. 

They also scratch after the pooping to clean themselves from the dust or the foul smells of poop. The cat loves cleanliness, and you can find them often licking their bodies to make sure they are clean. 


How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Scratching The Walls?

The individual can do several things to stop them from scratching and damaging the surfaces and furniture. First, you can start with trimming their nail. This method seems to be working as it reduces the desire to scratch things in cats. 

You will be surprised to know that there comes the post which is used for scratching. The market has a variety of posts that you can buy according to the need to make sure that they do not scratch the walls. 

You also need to make sure that you place this thing in the right place. As the cats have a specific area where they like to scratch things, you can find the earlier scratches to get the idea to place the scratching post. 

Thus, the owners can look up to this advice to reduce their cats’ habits of scratching the walls and pieces of stuff. 

You can also take care of their comfort and make sure that they are happy and like everything you give them to eat. These minor changes will bring the results in your favor because as long as they are happy and stress-free, they will not scratch upon the things.  

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