Cat observes every touch and close interaction made by its owner. When you pet the cat, they feel relaxed. Similarly, a kiss is also one kind of activity to show affection. The cat will notice the behavior and react to it with the soft purr sound.

Do cats understand kisses

Do cats like being kissed?

Cats least tolerate human kisses. When you kiss them, if she makes the purring sound or rubs his head to your body or legs, then they like your close interaction. If the cat reacts with the hiss or runs away from you, then they do not like what you are doing with them.

Kiss is not the same as we humans understand affection. The cat is different, and she likes to get loved with the touch and petting. Kissing may not be the best way to show your love to your cat.

If you want the cat to respond positively to your kiss, then make them feel comfortable.

While kissing them, you can use your hand gesture or pet them, so they know that you are trying to make them relaxed and showing kindness.

Your cat will appreciate the gesture and keep quiet when you are close to them.

Always use a soft voice when you are close to your cat. The loud voice may stress out the cat, and even if you are trying to show love, she will react negatively.

The cat tries to keep her distance when she listens to loud sounds.

Alternatively, you can feed them their favorite food while petting them so they know that they are getting loved.

Use the kiss to show that it is the type of kindness that you are trying to present. Cats are good at remembering their owner’s behavior and action.

When you repeat a similar gesture, she will remember the past moments and stay calm. Use the same place every day when you kiss them, so she knows that you are not trying to hurt them.

Do cats like to be hugged and kissed?

No. None of the animal-like to get hugged or kissed because they lived in the forest. The hug and kiss is not the natural behavior that this animal gets to experience in their natural habitat.

When you hug and kiss them regularly, the cat starts developing the sense that you are trying to show affection to them.

Hug and kisses are some of the kinds of practice that you follow to show love. Over time the cat will remember your gesture and relax when you hug them or kiss them.

Suppose you talk particularly about the which never had contact with the human. So here is the explanation of the hug and kiss use for the depiction of the affection.

Do some cats actually like being hugged


Cat does not enjoy the hugs. Anything that makes their movement restricted is considered dangerous. When you try to hug the cat, she will try to protect her life with the hiss or scratching your skin. So do not try to hug random cats on the street.

It would be best if you took caution when you go close to the cat to hug them.

The cat that has stayed in a home where the owner always hugs them has become comfortable about such a gesture. These household cats may not react to your hug and stay calm.

Cat does not like to get kissed. You have to teach the cat with the gesture or petting while kissing them.

She likes to get a pet. Use your touch senses to tell the cat that you are not trying to hurt them. It is the kind of love that you want to offer to them.

Give them to eat something when you kiss them. So she knows that if the kiss happens, she will get to eat something.

When you want your cat to react to certain activities, you should use specific gestures. They will remember that and calm themselves down.

Repeat the guest over and over again until the cat understands the meaning of it. The cats are quick learner so do not have to put much efforts to train them.

For example, when the cat seems stressed, use the kiss as a gesture to calm her down. When you hold them and kiss them on the head, she will know everything is alright, and her stress will immediately defuse.

You can teach your cat with the help of gestures and association.

She will understand and remember the gesture, and when the same situation occurs, the cat will feel relaxed when you use the same gesture to calm her down. It is the most useful language you can use to teach your cat.


Do cats know you love them?

Yes. The cat knows that you care about them. However, the cat doesn’t care much how much you love them as you do. The cat has a limited way of expressing her love. She may try to make a purring sound, rub her head or body to your legs, and sometimes try to play with you.

With these limited activities, she tries to communicate with you. Cat understands the affection that you are pouring into them.

The domestic cats who spent a good amount of time around the people know how humans react to specific emotions.

When you are happy or sad, she notices each expression of yours. That’s why when you show a sad emotion, and she knows that you are not in a good mood. The cat will try to keep its distance.

So when the cat is trying to show love, it would be not easy to understand as it might not be evident.

The only way to tell that your cat loves you is to see how comfortable they are around you compared to the other people in the home.

This kind of behavior tells you that the cat has developed strong affection towards you, and she does not like to spend time with other people. She feels safe when you are around.

What do cats feel when we kiss them?

The first kiss on the head of the cat may not be a recognizable gesture for the cat. Generally, a cat learns from the repeated activities.

When you repeat a certain gesture or emotion, or sound, the cat will remember the gesture.

Also, they know what will come next when you perform the same gesture. For example, when you call the cat’s name in a certain tone, she knows that you call her for feeding.

When you pet them gently on her back, she knows you are making her comfortable. Similarly, use the kiss as a gesture to tell that you are trying to comfort her.

If your cat is stressed, kiss them on the head and use a soft voice to calm her. She will remember the meaning of the kiss, and the next time you kiss her, she will become relaxed, and her anxiety will be released.

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