Your cat might scratch the bathtub as they enjoy the sensation or wants to urinate. The reason is not just limited to the two; even some other common reasons can exist.

Some cats love to be in bathtubs; it is their favorite place as it keeps them happy and fresh for a good period.

Cats are animals that are known to generate new claws on occasion. The antique features of the claws wear away with time. They might get eroded if the scraps are on a hard surface.

  • One common reason cats scratch the bathtub is that it has a hard surface because they are trying to keep the claws. They will do this with a high possibility if a specific design is on the surface.
  • Another reason can be that the cats are in a mood to avoid using the litter box. If the cat urinates in the bathtub, this can be the case.
  • Cats might be scratching the bathtub’s surface because they enjoy the sensation of their paws on the surface.

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Why Does My Cat Scratch The Bathtub?

How to Stop My Cat from Scratching the Bathtub?

Try to be patient with the cat and take proper care of them; it will help the cat to reduce the scratching in the bathtub. If the cat’s owner is careful, he can easily achieve the goals and get good results.

In any case, if the cats turn out to be aggressive in the bathtub, they might growl and create a situation in which they will protect themselves from the owner. Here you need to be careful and make the cat bath with proper care and concern.

  • While making them washed, ensure to clean their hair with care if they have them quite long. The temperature must be not average, neither too hot nor too cold. A moderate temperature will make the cat feel comfortable.
  • Try to reassure the cat and then only keep her in the bathtub. If proper silence and care are given to cats, only handling them will be easily possible.
Why Does My Cat Scratch The Bathtub?

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With The Bathtub?

Cats generally love to be in places that are cozy and also open so that they can have a good time at the place. As we all know, bathtubs use an enclosure that is not threatening for cats, so they are obsessed with the bathtub.

Cats already know they can easily step out of the tub when they feel like it; they are in no way bound to be in the tub without their wish. Even the tub’s surface is quite soft and nice, making them easily move and play on the tub. The place is a perfect one for playing with the cats. Let’s look at common reasons cats love being in the bathtub.

An Appealing Space

The bathtub is an appealing enclosed space and a good area in which cats can bathe and enjoy. Even the bathroom temperature is so moderate that it is as per the body requirement of cats. The area will be the best one for the cats to play on.

A Taste of Water

Usually, people think that cats hate water content. If the cat loves the drops of water, there is a high chance that the cat is thirsty and in need of water. Or the situation is that the cat is enjoying the water falling on him as he plays with it, and it is quite an exciting experience for him.

A Choice to See You

Sometimes the cats keep on following their owners to the bathroom area. When they enter the area, they like the weather and atmosphere as it is quiet and happy. The cats search for only love and affection, so they spend their time with their owner out of high love and affection.

How to Stop My Cats from Playing In the Bathtub?

How to Stop My Cats from Playing In the Bathtub?

One can easily stop their cats from playing in the bathtub by filling the tub with water and leaving it in the same manner for two weeks. The cats generally do not like water, so they will not enter it shortly as they see water in it continuously.

If you do not want to fill the bathtub with water, then even another option is available to stop cats from being in it. You can keep the bathroom door closed, as cats will not be able to open it, so it will also not feel easy to enter the tub and place it in it.

If you are in no way facing any issue with the entrance of a cat into the bathtub, keep on doing the activities that the cat wishes to do. He can easily play with what makes him happy with their owners.

Does A Cat Trust You If It Sleeps Next To You?

Does A Cat Trust You If It Sleeps Next To You?

If your cat sleeps next to you, he completely trusts you. They generally sleep with people whom they trust a lot. Cats love to spend time with only the people for whom they have a good level of trust and care.

There are different signs available that will work as an indication that your cats trust you a lot. By their gestures and reaction, they easily depict whether they like to be with you.

They Love Spending Time With You

If you notice that cats love to be around you and enjoy your company, it clearly indicates that they trust you. If they are uncomfortable with you, they will try to hide.

Have you noticed in some situations that your cat is winking at you? If they are winking softly, then it indicates that cats are showing a high level of love and affection.

The Cat Rubs Their Face On You

Rubbing is the most common indication of the cats that they trust you. If they are rubbing your feet, they want to be with you for an extended period.

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