If you have a cat and notice that she does not like you but everyone else in the family, there can be several explanations for your cat’s behavior. 

Cats are emotional animals who always roam around people they can trust and are comfortable with. Thus, if she does not like you, it can be trust issues or give her some time to become comfortable around you. 

If your cat does not like you because of her lack of trust, you can do many activities to help her to trust you. For example, some people suggest that you should spend more time with her by playing and feeding them. 

These activities will help your cat to become comfortable around you. However, suppose she still does not trust you. In that case, there can be some significant problems of a mental nature like separation anxiety and other behavior issues, for example, aggression and anxiety. 

If your cat is aggressive, anxious, or even fearful, then your best option is to consult a veterinarian. All behavioral issues are serious and need proper attention from the vet.


Why Does My Cat Like Others More than Me?

Cats also like to have a relationship with others than cat owners. Caring and sharing are the main secrete to catching the cat’s love. Some people know how to engage with cats and do it in fantastic ways.

There are many reasons why your cat might prefer other people to you, even if you’ve given them a lot of attention. Below we’ve compiled a list of possible explanations for this perplexing behavior. 

Your cat is being territorial. Cats are territorial animals, and if your house is too small or the only home they’ve ever known, they can become stressed when new people come over. 

New cats, in particular, can cause tension because they’re on their turf while your cat has to adjust to a different environment. They might have gone through some incident while playing with you or while you have held them that they do not want to come to you again.

 Cats also have a kind of favorite person whom she likes more as she feels safe and comfortable around them. They’ve chosen the person that they prefer over you because you did something to upset them. It could also be a health issue as some cats fear certain people. 

They require more attention than you give them. For example, cats enjoy being stroked and cuddled while sitting on your lap, but when they’re not in the mood, they can prefer someone who will give more physical affection to them, whether it be more cuddles or just playing with them.

If you’re having problems with your cat’s behavior, it might be worth considering whether you’re doing anything to make them feel threatened or not at ease. You can also talk to a professional about this issue as they will better understand the situation.

Why Does My Cat Not Like Me But Like Everyone Else

What Can I Do So That My Cats Begin Liking Me?

If your cat does not like you and wants to change this situation, do not worry; there are a few tips that can be handy for you. And if you follow them right, you will be alright with your cat, and they will be able to bond with you.

1. Socialize with them more:

You can find many pictures of cats separated from their owners in online sources. See if you can spend time with them, play with them and pat them. 

2. Play with them:

Play is one of the essential ways to make the bond between people, cats, and their owners, so play more with your cat to get her mind more awake and active so that she will feel more love for you.

3. Be gentle with them:

As cats are elegant and cute, owners often use it as an excuse to hurt them; the mistake you make is treating them like dogs. Cats are not like dogs; their skin is very soft, so be gentle with them while you hold them or carry them into your arm. 

4. Give them space and time to settle:

Sometimes socialization can be hard for the cat, which is why they need some time off or alone too. You should respect that and give them space to rest or sleep alone. Thus whenever they are ready to will come back to you to get your love and affection. 

This is how you can make your cat like you if you keep looking out for the cues to show love and affection to them at the right time. Look, when they want to play with you or be held, you are just looking for cradling.

Why Does My Cat Not Like Me But Like Everyone Else

Is It Possible For Your Cat To Not Like You?

This is a difficult question. 

Cats can be very fickle creatures, so it’s tough to say whether or not it’s possible for your kitty not to like you. Also, they don’t communicate in the same way as other pets do. 

Many people believe cats can sense any anger or frustration in their humans, which might make them want to stay away from you. 

If more than one cat is living in your house, that could create tension between them, and your cat could be avoiding you because of this previous aggressive behavior. 

Another reason your cat might not like you is that you’re the one feeding it. If you never take time to bond with your cat and provide it when it’s hungry, it could very well turn away from you. 

Do not assume that a cat being fed by someone else would not like to ride in your lap every once and a while or sit with you on the couch. Cats communicate in different ways than dogs do, and you have to try to communicate with them. 

You can try to build a stronger bond with your cat. You can also try taking your cat for walks as it is believed that cats prefer outdoor environments. 

You might want to consider the space you are living in and the type of space you give them to live in. Cats strongly connect to their territory, space, and environment.

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