To the naked human eye, a cat’s flea looks like small oval-shaped insects of dark color. However, it’s not easy to see a flea with the naked eye because they are fast-moving insects that are very small in size. Usually, these insects are noticed while crawling on your cat, which has white fur. 

Although fleas cannot fly, they can jump from one animal to another. According to the research, a flea can jump up to 30 cm, almost 150 times its height. You may get surprised to know that the acceleration of a flea is equal to that of a rocket. 

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What Do Cat Fleas Look Like To The Human Eye?

What Are Cat Fleas?

Fleas are tiny insects commonly found on the pets such as cats and dogs. Cat fleas are black, brown, or dark red; therefore, they are more difficult on dark surfaces. 

They are very tiny and have a length of approximately 2-4mm, so they are tough to see with the naked eye. 

Although the most common species of flea found on cats is the cat flea, cats are often seen with other species of flea, such as hedgehog and rabbit fleas. Remember, cat fleas can also bite; therefore, they are not just furry friends of your cat. Instead, they bother them a lot. 

What Do Cat Fleas Look Like To The Human Eye?

How Cats Get Fleas?

Generally, cats get fleas from other pets and animals. You will find fleas in the summer because they thrive in warm and humid environments.

However, they can also survive in warm houses during the winter season. Which ultimately means a cat can pick up fleas though out the year. 

The cat flea is the most common flea species in many different animals. This means your cat can get these fleas from other cats and animals. Therefore, you must protest your cat from coming in contact with animals that have fleas. 

Unfortunately, cats who live most of the time indoor also have a flea problem because of the distance that fleas can cover by jumping. 

Even one flea can be a serious problem because a flea can lay up to 2000 eggs within a day of biting your cat. 

Fleas lay their eggs in the environment where your cat lives, such as: 

  • Carpets
  • Between floorboards 
  • In bedding
How To Identify Whether Cats Have Fleas Or Not?

How To Identify Whether Cats Have Fleas Or Not?

Everyone knows that cats groom themselves very well, but if you notice your cat doing over-grooming, they are most probably suffering from the problem of fleas.

 However, there are various other signs of flea infestation on your cat, such as: 

  • Patchy hairs or an area where hairs are too short or broken
  • If a cat is licking the same area of their body repeatedly
  • Sore areas
  • Change in the weight of a cat

Cat’s coat is where you can easily find fleas, especially if your cat is of light color. Sometimes people ignore these insects because they look like dirt.

However, by putting them on a tissue and dropping a drop of water, one can identify whether it is dirt or a flea. In case they turn dark red color, they are fleas because, with water, their digestive blood is visible. 

Is Having A Flea Problematic?

Is Having A Flea Problematic?

Yes, having a flea on your cat is a big problem because flea bites are extremely itchy to the cats and even some cats have an allergy to fleas; therefore, if not treated on time, a cat can even die

Cats having an allergy to fleas will continue to lick the itchy bites, which can cause them to have very sore and infected areas on the skin. 

Unfortunately, fleas also feed on the blood of your cat. Therefore if your cat is small, she can die due to heavy blood loss. 

Several studies tell us that fleas contain tapeworms, which can be transferred into your cat when they eat them. It is assumed that cats eat more than 50% of fleas while licking their body, which is very dangerous. 

How to Prevent Cat from Fleas?

How to Prevent Cat from Fleas?

According to the vets, Spot-one (a group of products) is the best and easiest way to prevent your cat from fleas. You only have to squeeze a small amount of liquid using a pipette on your cat’s neck. Remember not to apply them daily; instead, apply them monthly. 

You will find various spot treatments on the market, which are worthless. Even some dog spot treatments are dangerous and are mistakenly applied to cats. Just like humans, every cat has a different body; therefore, you should always take the treatments and medicine prescribed by your vet.

There are more than 2000 species of fleas. 

If your pet has fleas on them, then you also need to clean your house correctly. You can use various aerosol sprays on the market to kill fleas’ eggs. Therefore it is easy for your pet to catch a flea. 

However, if your cat has live fleas, then it may take several months to treat your house and cat. First, give your cat a proper treatment, and then once it gets alright, you can start spraying these chemicals in your home. 

What To Do If Cat Is Not Getting Rid From Fleas?

Well, in such cases, you must take your cat to the best vet in your city. This is because every household has unique circumstances favorable to fleas. Therefore, if your cat is struggling, you must book an appointment with a vet as soon as possible. 

Life Cycle of cat feas
Life Cycle Of Cat Flea


Fleas are not a minor problem; they can cause death to your cat if not treated properly on time. Therefore, as soon as you find any symptoms discussed above, take your cat to a professional vet. 

Bring a spray to clean your house correctly. However, if your cat is of dark colors, such as black or brown, we recommend you check them daily to see whether they have fleas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cat flea live in human hair?

While cat fleas are primarily associated with cats and dogs, they can also infest other animals, including humans. However, they do not typically live in human hair as it is not their preferred habitat.

Can cat fleas be seen by the human eye?

Yes, cat fleas can be seen by the human eye. Adult cat fleas are small, flat, and reddish-brown in color, and are about 1-3 mm in length.

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