Most people believe that due to mental and physical stimulation, cats are seen to be highly clingy. To escape from such a situation, the cat owner can take breaks to play with them and even offer high-quality toys that will keep cats active and entertained for life.

Is having a clingy cat a good thing or a bad one? It generally depends on the person’s perspective and the main reason that makes them clingy. Based on the person’s viewpoint, they will consider their cat clingy.

Some cat parents consider them clingy if they follow them around the house, running to greet them as if they are working like dogs. Due to the bad heat condition, you may notice clinginess in your cat.

Why My Cat Is Clingy On Me?

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Your cat might be clingy to you due to his stress, anxiety, and insecurity. Mainly such symptoms are seen in cats due to their change in routine and even when any addition is there in the family member.

Cat is known to be an independent animal that completes a task on its own. They mainly work at their level to be clean and use the litter box. 

Even management of meal positions is in their hands only. Several reasons lead to the clinginess of cats.

Why Is My Cat So Clingy?

Reasons For Clingy Cat Behavior

Are you noticing a change in the behavior of your cat? If yes, then there is a high chance that your kitty is developing clingy behavior. When finding a solution for their behavior, it is a must to detail the reasons for creating this behavior. Personality, security issues, and jealousy are the main reasons that lead to the overall development of clingy nature in cats.

  • PersonalitySome cats have, by nature, personalities like dogs that make them more affectionate and extroverted. Some specific breeds of cats, like Siamese, are generally seen to have clingy behavior.
  • Separation AnxietyWhen the cats are separated from their loved ones, they find it hard to live. This feeling will make them highly anxious. Various reasons lead to separation anxiety, like being prematurely weaned or a timely separation from the mother.
  • Health Issues:  In some situations, the kittens and cats also high their discomfort from their owners so they might need your instant help. 
  • Owners should focus on their appearance and behavior properly to understand an issue on time.
  • Emotional SupportMost owners get an idea in advance if they are facing a tough time. After having an idea of what your owner faces with the issue, work on providing them with complete comfort.
  • Lack Of Training:If the kitties are not given excellent and timely training, they might develop clingy behavior. Due to this, timely attention will be demanded by all cats from their owners.
Why Is My Cat So Clingy?

How To Reduce Cat’s Clinginess?

If you notice that your cats are having clingy behavior at a specific time, work on making things better for them. Here you can increase your level of attention to the cats. Even try not to discourage the cats for their bad behavior, as this will de-motivate them.

  • Going To A VetA vet is a professional doctor appointed to treat cats. When you suspect a health problem, the right option is to consult a vent on time. They will help in finding the main reason responsible for an issue.
  • Providing More StimulationYou can reduce the clinginess of pets by just encouraging them to do various activities. You can enrich the entire mental and physical stimulation level to have productive results from the same.
  • Maintain A Specific RoutineHaving a proper routine for cats will reduce their boredom when you are busy doing your daily activities. Here you can open a video and make a cat sit to watch videos and have a good time.
  • Adopting A Second CatNormally clingy cats love to have another cat around them. It is a good option, especially for cats that have lost their other friends due to mishappening.

What Are The Signs Of A Clingy Cat?

A cat tends to be more loving of people who are affectionate towards them. Cat owners always have an idea of how they can cuddle their cats to have a good time. 

If they follow you for long hours, then there is a high chance of them being clingy.

Cat owners usually love to be the cat close to them as they love and care for them a lot. But here, things that need to be clear in the mind of owners are the difference between their typical and problematic behavior. 

Let’s look at some signs indicating they have clingy cats.

  • Following their owner each time, they are like a shadow for their owners
  • Rubbing against owners on a timely basis depicts their love towards them. It plays with you all time you are sitting or lying down
  • Making a sound in a high voice and scratching against the doors.
  • Sitting on the objects that are available for use
  • Hiding when you are ready to leave the house

What Is The Clingiest Cat Breed?

There is not just a single breed of cats that are available. 

Burmese is a breed of cat that is considered the most affectionate one. They generally love to be around people at all times, and having physical contact with their owners keeps them happy. Such cats are the clingiest ones among all breeds.

Burmese is a breed of cats devoted to their owner to the next level. They keep on following their owners everywhere and even prefer to cuddle them up on the sofa. Even they sleep with their owners in beds.

Seeing clingy cats around you is not an uncommon thing. You can easily see this nature in both cats and kittens. It is usually seen that some cats demand great attention from owners and demand a good level of care; such ones are known to be clingy. 

Demanding a considerable level of care is more in the case of clingy cats.

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