Cat is susceptible to noise and smell. Observe their behavior for some time and understand what is happening in their mind.

Why is my cat obsessed with water bottles? Either your cat is fond of the noise bottle makes or the scent of substance in the bottle making them crazy. If it is the sound, the cat may enjoy playing with it.

Why is my cat obsessed with water bottles?

Why is my cat so obsessed with water bottles?

Cats are agile and friendly animals who like to play with the stuff they find. Significantly, the kittens are primarily attracted to the moving things in the home. So when they find the bottle around, they will use it as a playing toy.

Bottles may make a noise when the cat touches them. Some bottle movements replicate the movement of the rats.

And as we know, the rats are the favorite food the cat likes to eat. Like most wild animals, the cat also plays with its food before eating them.

The bottle movement makes them feel they are playing with their food. They might enjoy the time with the bottle and look for similar fun every time they see a bottle nearby.

If you do not want your cat to touch the bottle, then try to offer them something else to play with. Divert their mind to some other activities.

You may take them to the backyard, where they will try to catch a bird or play in the open space. Changing the environment will support them to live a more diverse and happy life.

New activities will make them tired, and slowly they will stop touching the bottle. Cat quickly gets bored, so they need something around them that keeps them happy.

Why does my cat always want my water?

A cat might have drunk the water from your glass in the past, and she may enjoy its taste. The freshwater consists of added minerals that add flavors to it.

We might not be able to identify the difference between the two water, but the cat’s taste buds are very active. They can quickly identify the taste of the food or drink. They remember the taste for an extended period.

Next time they see the glass of water, they will show interest in drinking the water from the same glass to have a similar experience.

Another reason will be the cat might feel fascinated with your drinking action. They might try to check what you are drinking to which they do not have access. Once your cat develops a strong bond with you, they will try to mimic everything you do in front of them.

Drinking water from your glass is one of the habits they might have seen in you, which they also want to try now.

Here is why the cat might show interest in drinking the water from your glass.

Water is cooler

Cool water tastes better and satisfies your thirst effectively. Since the cat is naturally curious about the chilled drinking water, they will find it fascinating when they first have it from your glass.

The new experience may lure the cat and make them repeat the process repeatedly. Whenever the cat sees the water in their bowl is warmer than the water in the glass, they will decide to drink it from the glass because it tastes better.

The shape of the glass

The glass shape may also become the appealing factor here as the size or shape of the glass may make them drink the water at the proper angle. The cat has to put his head inside the glass to reach the water. Such things might be unique for the cat, which they might enjoy.

Glass material

The type of material used in glass-making also enhances the taste of the water. Human senses may not recognize it quickly, but the cats can feel the change in the taste of the water. There are possibilities that the cats like the different tastes of the water.

She might not feel the same taste in her bowl. Thus, she will feel like drinking the water from the glass instead.

Glass made of metal, ceramic, plastic, and glass possesses unique components that make the water taste different.

Keeping the water long enough in the glass may also create some reaction to the water due to the metal substance that may feel natural to the cat.

As the cats are wild animals, they were used to drinking the water directly from the river and lakes.

These water bodies contain a lot of metal and minerals that give them a natural taste. A cat might be having a similar experience when she drinks the water from the glass.


A cat may also look for comfort when having food or drinking water. The glass makes them drink the water standing without needing the bend their head down. They do not have to change their physical position much and get what they desire.

A cat may find drinking water from glass more comforting than drinking from the bowl kept on the floor.

Glass is close to their food

You might have placed the glass near the food, making them drink it while having dry food. The glass may perform as their natural water reservoir where they can go and drink the water. It gives them the advantage of drinking water when they feel thirsty.

Reaching the bowl will take time and may cause more energy, so instead, the cat will feel comfortable drinking the water from the glass.

Another reason is that wild animal generally drinks water far from their place. So they have developed the habit of finding the water after eating their meal.

Why is a cat obsessed with eating plastic?

Why is a cat obsessed with eating plastic?

Generally, the plastic items make noise which mimics the experience of the predators. They might feel they are fighting with the predator for survival. So the cat will try to release her stress by using plastic material.

You will find them eating it like she is eating the food she has caught from the wild. A household cat may get few chances to play with their food which is their natural habit.

They fulfill their interest with the soft toys or plastic material they find in the wild. You may also notice the cats are playing with the plastic bags.

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