Cat likes to take a bite of objects that are soft and repulsive. A cat develops curiosity when they see the new entity. The first reaction to the new thing is touch and bite. Pet toys are made keeping these factors in mind. Aggression will develop when the phone is covered with a rubber body.


Why Do Cats Chew?

Chewing is the natural process of eating fresh meat. Cat is a wild animal who survived the small animals. The flesh requires continued chewing to break down the food.

It stimulates satisfaction while eating the food. Chewing also helps develop a craving for food, resulting in eating more when you provide food to them. 

Some breed of cat uses chewing as compulsive behavior. It develops aggression in the cat and makes them put more effort into biting and chewing the food while eating.

It is developed through instinctive habits and can stay with them for a lifetime. Not every cat breed needs to follow a similar process.

Here are some of the reasons why a cat will develop chewing.

  • When a cat is bored, she uses chewing to keep them busy. Whey might find the object around them and keep chewing until she finds something else to entertain.
  • Due to habits developed from childhood.
  • Pain in the teeth or jaw may also cause the problem.
  • A medical condition might cause the problem in the cat.
  • Some cat breeds are compulsive. They might show aggressive nature towards the object around them. Chewing the object is the typical behavior you will get to experience.
  • Nutrient deficiency also causes the cat to develop aggressive nature. The type of food you offer to your cat also determines their mood.

Take the cat to the veteran for diagnosis if the problem persists. The chewing usually doesn’t cause a problem. However, ignoring any symptoms in the pet could make them vulnerable. Follow the instruction of the veteran properly to train your pet to avoid chewing if it is part of their daily habit.

Why does my cat chew on my phone

Why does my cat chew on my phone?

You might not give her attention and spend more time using your phone. Cat is an attention seeker pet. She cannot live alone for long. Playing with them, feeding them, or simply cuddling can make them happy.

When they see you give a more important object in your hand, they will try to break it apart and move it aside. 

Once the cat develops close relationships with you, she will look for complete attention. She will not allow you to go away from you. If you move into the home, the cat will follow you and stay close to you as possible. It is the way the cat show their love and empathy towards you. 

Even when the phone is kept on the desk, the cat may sneeze around it and try to play with it, thinking it is a toy that its owner likes to play with.

So anything that is yours will become her. The cat will try to take the phone in her position and ensure no one else has access to it. Cat tries to touch everything you have touched or used in front of them.

Reasons for why does my cat chew on my phone?

Phone fascination is most common for the cat. But they are not responsible for such behavior. Once the cat sees you as the parent, they check and feel every object you touch. The phone is the most common object that you carry all the time in hand. 

1.Cat notices this object more frequently, which develops a curiosity in her. Whenever the cat gets a hand on the phone, she does everything she desires to do with the phone. 

2. Beginning with touching the phone, the cat will try to bite and hold it in its mouth. A Shiny, smooth surface may make them feel comfortable. It may look like a pet toy that her owner uses every day. So she also desires to use it whenever it is accessible.

3. Vibrating objects develop more curiosity in the cat. Like any other wild animal, the cat can hear the lowest possible sound around them.

4. Anything that she finds fishy will become a thing of exploration. When the cat sees your phone vibrating on the table more often, it will become the research object. The vibrating sound’s notification tone will also attract the cat close to the phone. 

5. A cat will jump on the table and see what is happening around it. She will start showing aggression towards it and may also break the phone.

6. Sometimes cat reacts with aggression, thinking the phone is a wild animal that produces a purring sound similar to the other wild animals. 

7. The cat’s reaction is similar to how the cat reacts to the predator’s attack. A cat will do anything to keep her safe from the attack.

8. Exploring the region or checking each object lying around the living room is part of their life journey. Their alertness has kept their species alive for so many years.

How to stop cats chew on my phone

How to stop cats chew on my phone?

There are many ways you can train your cats to stay away from the phone. Follow the given tips to make the cat follow those instructions.

  • Training is crucial to put the cat in control. When the cat becomes aggressive, she will chew anything found in the home. Training will stop them from damaging the household stop. 
  • Do not use the phone in front of the cat. It would be best if you took the phone away from her.
  • Spend more time with the cat instead of playing games or watching videos on the phone.
  • Feed the cat on time and make it comfortable.
  • Check the dental problem. If the cat has a gem problem, pain in the teaching may cause them to feel biting and chewing. Take her to the vet for a checkup for a second opinion.

Do cats get jealous of phones?

Yes. It is possible that your cat feels jealous of your phone because you are not giving her sufficient attention. Cat does not like getting ignored. So keep your phone away from the cat else; she will break the phone in your absence. 

Why Does My Cat Bite The Corner Of My Phone

Why Does My Cat Bite The Corner Of My Phone?

There are two reasons why the cat gets attracted to the phone. One is the scent applied on the phone. There is a possibility that the phone may smell due to close interaction when you hold it near your ear.

The smell of your skin will get passed to the phone. The corner areas are mainly exposed to the skin when you have it in your hand while talking. A cat can easily smell the phone and may become curious about what it is all about. 

Another reason is the speakers or vibration sound produced by the phone. Generally, the speakers are located near the corners or at the bottom.

The wavelength of the sound produced by the phone will make the cat develop anger. As a response, she will attack the phone, primarily producing the sound, and try to break it. 

Why does my cat like to bite electronics?

Electronics are mostly sealed with soft plastic or a cover made of rubber. The cat likes to bite the soft stuff. It gives them a feeling of the flesh. Biting electronics satisfy their brain and release dopamine. Cat does repeat the process on every electronic she finds in the home to get a similar kind of experience. 

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