Moving kittens from one place to another is about their maternal instincts, which are caring for their babies. Such instincts of mothers on a timely basis play a crucial role in the survival of various cat species. Mainly mother cats are ready to do anything from small work to shifting locations to save the lives of kittens.

There is some common condition that leads to shifting of the location of their kittens. They work on offering a high level of safety by just keeping them in a safer and better zone.

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Do Not Disturb

Initially, you might treat your kittens with full care and unwanted attention that will spoil them. But for mothers, your activities are like a disturbance for their kittens.

They plan to shift their kittens in case you are seen disturbing their babies at a high rate. These disturbances seem to mothers as if their child is in danger.

They Have Outgrown Nest

Another reason for the shift in location is that they have outgrown, and it is difficult for them to stay in the next that they are having currently. Mothers can search for accommodation that is larger in space that will make the life of their kittens easy and better.

She is in Labor Pain

Sometimes even the situation is that they give birth to some kittens, but they are still in labor pain. There are different stages of pain for cats when they give birth to their kittens. In labor pain also, they might not be comfortable with the area and want to have a shift.

Too Much Diet

Cats mainly love to live in a place that is completely safe and clean. If cat mothers think that the area where their kittens live is dirty, they would surely recommend they move to a new place. They can grab the opportunity and search for a location that is dirt free.

High-Level Stimulation

Why Do Cats Cuddle Their Kittens?

At their starting age of about two weeks, kittens can live life blind and deaf. As and when they will start developing a habit of seeing and hearing, then a feeling of stimulation will be initiated. To avoid any issues for them, try to keep them in a place that is free from noise and other sounds.

Why Do Cats Move Their Kittens?

Cats mainly cuddle their kitten to offer them high safety and protection. They are known to animals that cuddle and smuggle humans as it is a source of entertainment for them. Safety is their concern for smuggling, and they are trying to develop a feeling of love and affection with you.

  • At an early stage of kittenhood, there is a requirement for high-level safety and protection. At an early age, they sleep together to have complete warmth and safety.
  • Kittens demand a warm place in the initial period. To live a safe and healthy life, maintenance of their body temperature is a must option. Having a lap cannot compete with any other form of warmth that a person can arrange.
  • For cats, smuggling time is considered the one that will create a new and productive bond with people around. They mainly smuggle to depict that they have a love and concern for their owners.
How to Stop Your Cat From Moving Her Kittens?

How to Stop Your Cat From Moving Her Kittens?

It would help if you did not try to stop cats from moving their kittens, as they do their best to protect them. The mother cat plans to shift their kittens to offer them high privacy. If mothers have instincts, then an advisable option is to move kittens to a safe place.

Still, if you wish that cats do not change the location of their kittens, then you can opt for some crucial things. You can opt for a single or combination of a method to avoid changes in the location of the kittens.

  • Handle Them as Little: It is incredibly an existing option to keep newborn kittens in the house. All activities performed with them increases a level of enthusiasm. Usually, a mother cat keeps babies in a place till they have adequate food and water, and there is no requirement for supervision of their growth.
  • Keep Their Nest Area quietNormally, cats wish to keep their babies in a quiet place that does not have many people around. If you keep their living area quiet and away from the reach of pets, then they plan to keep the location the same.
  • Go Through Health of Mother Cat and Kittens:  If a cat mother plans to shift a single kitten, it might be due to their ill health. Rather than allowing those to shift, you can consult with a vent as they will guide the complete problem that kittens are facing and how they can recover from the issue.
  • Ensure Nest is WarmRegulation of body temperature for kittens is in their hands only. At the initial stage, they require a warm place to live in. If the place where they are currently living is a warm one, then the shifting option will not come to their mind.
  • Keep Nest CleanIf the place of living kittens will not be clean, then it works as an attraction for predators. So keeping place of their living near and clean will reduce the level of risk to their life and will give them safety. 
Can a Mother Cat Reject Her Kittens?

Can a Mother Cat Reject Her Kittens?

Yes. The mothers have an absolute right to reject either one or all of their kittens. Various reasons create a situation of refusals by cats to their babies. One of the most crucial times when they reject is an aggressive approach of the kitten to their mother.

It becomes a unique problem, especially for older kittens, as they require more nursing. Sometimes mothers even reject feeding their kittens; in this case, they might be facing issues in feeding their babies. Here, you can consult a trained professional to find out the main reason for the problem.

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