The cat’s whiskers are generally proportional to the cat’s width. If the cat is large, there is a high chance it will have long whiskers. Maine Coons are known to be the largest breed of cats, and they have quite large whiskers.

In any situation, if the cats start shedding their hair, then it might lead to the shedding of the whiskers, also. If we consider a cat, it will have about 8 to 12 whiskers on each cheek. Mainly shedding hair and whiskers is quite a regular activity for them. 

But in any case, if patches are seen, or skin sensitivity is there, consulting with a professional is a prime factor.

There is a specific reason that might create such a situation for cats,

  • Mites on cats
  • a fight with another animal
  • Alopecia
  • Feline dermatitis
  • Hypothyroidism

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What Does It Mean if My Cat Has Long Whiskers?

The cats’ whiskers are generally proportional to the width of the cat’s body. If the cat is chubbier or fluffier, then chances are there that it will have long whiskers.

Whiskers of cats are also known as the vibrissae. Here the main concern is exactly what is used in making the whiskers. You can notice such hairs on different body parts; the width of a feline body is measured through these hairs on the body.

Vibrissae are just the cat sensors; their ending contains a sensitive nerve that will connect with the cat’s brain. With these sensors, a cat can detect objects or things that are at a specific distance from the cat.

Mainly it involves the things that touch them and then one that creates pressure.

To have a clear idea of the whiskers, the thing that needs to be clear is the number that a cat has. If we talk about a feline, it will have about 16 to 24 whiskers that are distributed to both ends of the snout.

Having long whiskers will ensure that cats can have an actual judgment regarding the space they have to move in the future. Even with the hairs, the idea can be about the empty boxes, closets, and holes in the fences.

What Happens if I Accidentally Cut My Cat Whiskers?

You do not have to worry if you accidentally cut the cat’s whiskers. It will in no way means that you hurt the cat as the complete cat was just accidental.

As such, no specific nerves or blood vessels are attached to them, but they have an attachment to the follicle and sinus. Your cat mainly uses whiskers to have the sensation regarding the things and other items around him.

The whiskers in the cat are of the same size as their with is, which makes them feel comfortable when they are moving from a tight area. They feel safe and secure and are within their area if they have a good number of whiskers.

What Happens if I Accidentally Cut My Cat Whiskers?

Whiskers are an essential part of a cat’s body; they contain sensory equipment that helps guide them about their daily activities. These special hairs make it easy for the cats to navigate their environment and provide additional sensory input to reach the desired goals.

Whiskers are part of a cat that is not just helpful in a single way; various other benefits are seen with it.

Let’s have a look at some common areas in which the use of the whiskers is possible.

They are Body Balancers

Cats are animals with a particular organ called proprioceptors at the end of the whiskers. It is the part that mainly sends the right message to the brain about the working of the cat and how he can work better.

They Are Radar Sensors

Cats are animals that are known to be the ones that have quite a good smell and hearing sensation.

They can focus on objects that are a distance better than the ones that are close to them. With the help of these whiskers, cats can detect their favorite toys and food items even at night time.

Whistlers Even Help In Communicating Emotions

When the cats are in resting mode, the whiskers also take a break; when they become active, even their whiskers turn out to be active.

If the cat is happy, he will elevate his whiskers about the eyes. It indicates that the cat is showing a high level of love and affection for the person near him.

Whiskers Are Protective

If any of the small particles will touch the hairs, then they give a response at the time. If a small amount of dust falls on the whisker, the cat blinks off the head to remove the particle from the eyes. Having the whiskers in a good number based on his size will protect a cat.

Do Cats Need Super Long Whiskers?

No, the requirement of the super long whiskers is generally not there in the case of the cat. There needs to be a direct relationship between the cat’s width and the size of its whiskers.

People have, in general, a mentality that cats take their future actions based on the size of the whiskers they have.

There are various purposes for which mainly the use of the whiskers is done by the cats,

  • Warning of danger
  • Understanding the shape and size of an object
  • Detecting the movement of prey
  • Expressing mood and emotions

In the case of a cat, whiskers play a crucial role. With time, they might start to drop down naturally; you are in no way required to worry. But in case they turn out to be extremely low in number, the matter is about the concern.


Usually, cats have long Whiskers, which depend on the cat breed. Each breed has its Whiskers sizes. You don’t need to cut it. Naturally, it will grow slowly and do nothing harmful to your cat.

Whiskers are the body part of the cat and will help them to do many things. So do not try to trim it.

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