Sailor Moon, the beloved Japanese anime and manga series, has enchanted fans worldwide with its magical girls and thrilling battles. But, among the stars of the show are the adorable and mysterious feline companions that add an extra touch of charm. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the enchanting world of Sailor Moon’s cats. We’ll reveal their identities, significance to the story, and intriguing relationships they share with the Sailor Guardians. So, let’s dive into the feline wonders that have become iconic symbols of the Sailor Moon universe

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What is Sailor Moon’s cat?

Luna (ルナ, Runa), a wise and beautiful black cat, takes center stage in Sailor Moon’s adventures. As the trusted advisor to Usagi Tsukino, aka Sailor Moon, Luna plays a pivotal role in guiding and supporting our protagonist. Luna possesses the extraordinary ability to talk, which adds to her enigmatic aura and charm. Sporting a crescent-shaped symbol on her forehead, the same symbol adorns Sailor Moon’s accessories. Originating from the moon, Luna’s mission is to find and awaken the Sailor Guardians, guiding them on their quest to protect the world from the forces of evil.

Luna’s presence in the series is far more than that of a mere pet. Her deep knowledge of the moon kingdom’s history and her ability to communicate with the Sailor Guardians make her an invaluable ally in their fight against evil. Luna’s wisdom and guidance extend beyond the battlefield as she plays a vital role in shaping the personal growth of Sailor Moon and her friends. Through her advice and encouragement, Luna helps Sailor Moon embrace her destiny as a Sailor Guardian and leader of the team.

Why is Luna a cat in Sailor Moon?

Luna’s feline form is closely tied to her origin in the moon kingdom, Silver Millennium. While she typically appears as a humanoid, Luna decided to take on the guise of a cat on Earth. This form allows her to move discreetly in the human world while providing guidance to Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians. Her transformation into a cat was a strategic choice to blend in seamlessly with the earthly realm and avoid unnecessary attention. This decision laid the foundation for her remarkable role as the guardian and mentor of the Sailor Guardians.

In Silver Millennium, Luna served as the advisor to Princess Serenity, the previous incarnation of Sailor Moon. When the kingdom fell, Luna’s mission was to find and guide the reincarnated Sailor Guardians in their battle against evil. By taking the form of a cat, Luna could move freely among humans and monitor potential candidates for the Sailor Guardian roles without revealing her true identity. This clever disguise allowed her to identify and awaken Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians at the right time, ensuring their readiness to protect Earth and the moon kingdom once again.

Who is the pink cat in Sailor Moon?

Artemis, the pink cat, is another significant feline character in the Sailor Moon series. With intelligence and the gift of speech like Luna, Artemis plays a crucial role in guiding Minako Aino, the alter ego of Sailor Venus. Originating from the moon just like Luna, Artemis shares a deep bond with her, forming an unbreakable partnership. Together, they offer unwavering support and guidance to their respective Sailor Guardians throughout their battles against evil forces.

Artemis’s appearance marks a turning point in the series as he serves as Sailor Venus’s mentor and confidant. With his gentle and caring demeanor, Artemis plays a vital role in encouraging Sailor Venus and helping her embrace her role as a Sailor Guardian. Their interactions often feature light-hearted banter and mutual respect, exemplifying the close bond between a Guardian and her feline advisor.

Are Luna and Artemis in love?

Fans have long speculated about the nature of Luna and Artemis’ relationship. While they undoubtedly share a deep affectionate bond, their connection is portrayed more as a supportive partnership rather than a romantic one. Their primary focus remains on aiding their respective Sailor Guardians and safeguarding Earth and the moon kingdom from impending doom. Luna and Artemis serve as a beacon of loyalty and friendship, which are essential values in Sailor Moon’s universe.

Throughout the series, Luna and Artemis consistently demonstrate a strong sense of commitment to their roles as advisors and mentors. They display unwavering support for their assigned Sailor Guardians, often offering wise counsel and encouragement during challenging times. The depth of their bond comes from a shared sense of duty and responsibility to protect and guide the Sailor Guardians in their quest to preserve peace and justice.

What is the name of the gray cat in Sailor Moon?

The gray cat in Sailor Moon is Diana, the offspring of Luna and Artemis. Introduced in the later arcs of the series, Diana inherits the wisdom and guidance from her parents. Like Luna and Artemis, Diana has the ability to communicate and provide support to her assigned Sailor Guardian, Chibiusa, who transforms into Sailor Chibi Moon. With her gentle demeanor and profound understanding, Diana becomes an integral part of the Sailor Guardians’ team.

Diana’s introduction adds a delightful layer of complexity to the Sailor Moon universe. As the daughter of two prominent feline characters, she inherits the best traits of both her parents. Diana’s unique perspective and insight contribute significantly to Chibiusa’s character development and growth. Like her parents, Diana stands as a symbol of wisdom and guidance, demonstrating the enduring legacy of Luna and Artemis.


The feline companions of Sailor Moon add a delightful and magical dimension to the series. Luna, Artemis, and Diana each play unique roles, guiding and supporting the Sailor Guardians with wisdom and affection. Their enigmatic presence enhances the bond between the characters and captivates the hearts of fans. As you immerse yourself in the world of Sailor Moon, take a moment to cherish the charm and wisdom these feline friends bring to the magical universe of Sailor Moon. The bond between the Sailor Guardians and their feline companions stands as a testament to the enduring power of loyalty, friendship, and the pursuit of justice. So, join us in celebrating the enchanting world of Sailor Moon and the beloved cats that make it even more magical.

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