If you’re a Star Trek enthusiast and a cat owner, why not combine your passions by giving your feline friend a Star Trek-themed name? In this article, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Star Trek cat names for males, females, and even some of the most popular choices. Whether you’re a Trekkie or just love unique cat names, you’ll find inspiration here.

Now that you have a plethora of Star Trek-inspired cat names to choose from, how do you pick the perfect one for your furry friend? Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Personality Match: Consider your cat’s personality traits. Is your cat bold and adventurous like Captain Kirk, or calm and logical like Spock? Choose a name that aligns with their characteristics.
  • Favorite Character: If you have a favorite Star Trek character, naming your cat after them can be a great way to pay homage to the series.
  • Uniqueness: Opt for a name that’s unique and stands out. You want your cat to have a name that sparks interest and conversations.
  • Test It Out: Say the name out loud to see how it rolls off the tongue. Make sure it’s easy to pronounce and won’t be confusing for your cat.

Table of Contents

Male Star Trek Cat Names

  1. Kirk – Named after Captain James T. Kirk, the charismatic leader of the USS Enterprise.
  2. Spock – Inspired by the logical and iconic Vulcan science officer.
  3. Scotty – After Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott.
  4. Picard – Named after the wise and diplomatic Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
  5. Data – Inspired by the android crew member, Lieutenant Commander Data.
  6. Bones – Named after Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, the ship’s doctor.
  7. Sulu – After Hikaru Sulu, the skilled helmsman and fencer.
  8. Worf – Named after the honorable Klingon security officer, Worf.
  9. Geordi – Inspired by Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge and his visor.
  10. Chekov – After the Russian navigator Pavel Chekov.
  11. Odo – Named after the shape-shifting Constable Odo from Deep Space Nine.
  12. Bashir – Inspired by Dr. Julian Bashir, the talented physician.
  13. Chakotay – Named after the Maquis leader and First Officer.
  14. Quark – After the Ferengi bar owner on Deep Space Nine.
  15. Neelix – Inspired by the cheerful Talaxian chef and morale officer.
  16. Tuvok – Named after the logical Vulcan Security Chief.
  17. Sisko – After Captain Benjamin Sisko, who commanded Deep Space Nine.
  18. Q – Inspired by the enigmatic and omnipotent being, Q.
  19. Riker – Named after the confident and charismatic Commander Riker.
  20. Garak – After the mysterious Cardassian tailor, Elim Garak.
  21. Nog – Inspired by the determined Ferengi and Starfleet officer.
  22. Pike – Named after Captain Christopher Pike from the original series.
  23. Lorca – Inspired by Captain Gabriel Lorca from Star Trek: Discovery.
  24. Morn – After the silent regular at Quark’s bar.
  25. Tomalak – Named after the cunning Romulan commander.
  26. Sarek – Inspired by Spock’s father, Ambassador Sarek.
  27. Shran – After the boisterous Andorian Commander Shran.
  28. Dukat – Named after the complex Cardassian Gul Dukat.
  29. Holo – Inspired by holodeck technology.
  30. Borg – For fans of the iconic cybernetic race, the Borg.
  31. Khan – Named after the formidable Khan Noonien Singh.
  32. Lore – Inspired by Data’s less ethical brother, Lore.
  33. Martok – After the honorable Klingon General Martok.
  34. Nero – Named after the Romulan villain from the 2009 film.
  35. Soran – Inspired by Dr. Tolian Soran from “Star Trek Generations.”
  36. Tiberius – A nod to Captain Kirk’s full name.
  37. Wesley – After the young and talented Wesley Crusher.
  38. Gorn – Named after the lizard-like Gorn species.
  39. Mudd – Inspired by the charismatic rogue, Harcourt Fenton Mudd.
  40. Voyager – For fans of the USS Voyager and its crew.
  41. Kor – Named after the Klingon Dahar Master Kor.
  42. Reginald – Inspired by the skilled engineer Reginald Barclay.
  43. Maxwell – After Captain Maxwell, a character in “The Wounded.”
  44. Tal – Named after the Vulcan diplomat Sarek’s first name.
  45. Shinzon – Inspired by the clone of Captain Picard.
  46. Christopher – A tribute to the historical Christopher Columbus.
  47. Dax – After the symbiotic Trill character Jadzia Dax.
  48. Seska – Inspired by the Cardassian spy Seska.
  49. Gowron – Named after the fierce Klingon Chancellor.
  50. Luther – A nod to the famous Martin Luther King Jr.

Female Star Trek Cat Names:

  1. Uhura – Named after the skilled communications officer Nyota Uhura.
  2. Troi – Inspired by the empathic Counselor Deanna Troi.
  3. Janeway – After Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager.
  4. Seven – Named after the former Borg drone, Seven of Nine.
  5. B’Elanna – Inspired by the half-Klingon engineer B’Elanna Torres.
  6. Kira – After the strong-willed Bajoran Major Kira Nerys.
  7. Guinan – Named after the mysterious bartender, Guinan.
  8. Chapel – Inspired by Nurse Christine Chapel from the original series.
  9. Kes – After the Ocampan character Kes from Voyager.
  10. Lwaxana – Named after the flamboyant Ambassador Lwaxana Troi.
  11. Marta – Inspired by Marta, the patient from “Whom Gods Destroy.”
  12. Sela – After the Romulan commander and Spock’s half-sister.
  13. Tasha – Named after the late Lieutenant Tasha Yar.
  14. Ezri – Inspired by the Trill counselor Ezri Dax.
  15. T’Pol – After the Vulcan Sub-Commander T’Pol.
  16. Yarnek – Named after the rock-like entity from the original series.
  17. Joann – Inspired by the character Joann Owosekun from Discovery.
  18. Saavik – After the Vulcan Starfleet officer Saavik.
  19. Kestra – Named after Deanna Troi’s deceased sister.
  20. Marta – Inspired by the character Marta from “The Gamesters of Triskelion.”
  21. Ro – After the complex Bajoran character Ro Laren.
  22. Elnor – Named after the skilled Romulan warrior Elnor.
  23. Talla – Inspired by the character Talla Keyali from “The Orville.”
  24. Selar – After the Vulcan medical officer Selar.
  25. Ensign Ro – Named after the Bajoran Starfleet officer.
  26. Icheb – Inspired by the former Borg drone Icheb.
  27. Amanda – After Sarek’s human wife, Amanda Grayson.
  28. Nia – Named after the character Nia Nal from “Supergirl.”
  29. Nerys – Inspired by Major Kira Nerys’ last name.
  30. Joann – After the character Joann Owosekun from Discovery.
  31. Taurik – Named after the Vulcan engineer Ensign Taurik.
  32. Tarah – Inspired by the character Tarah in “The Orville.”
  33. Samantha – After Ensign Samantha Rutherford from “Lower Decks.”
  34. Ren – Named after the character Ren from “Star Trek: Prodigy.”
  35. Naomi – Inspired by the character Naomi Wildman from Voyager.
  36. T’Mir – After the Vulcan character T’Mir from “Enterprise.”
  37. N’Vek – Named after the Romulan defector N’Vek.
  38. T’Pau – Inspired by the Vulcan matriarch T’Pau.
  39. T’Meni – After the Vulcan character T’Meni from “Enterprise.”
  40. Vina – Named after the Orion slave girl Vina.
  41. Jadzia – Inspired by the Trill character Jadzia Dax.
  42. Kira – After the character Kira Nerys from “The Orville.”
  43. T’Pring – Named after the Vulcan character T’Pring.
  44. Leeta – Inspired by the Bajoran character Leeta.
  45. Zora – After the character Zora in “Star Trek: Short Treks.”
  46. Rochelle – Named after the character Rochelle in “Lower Decks.”
  47. Keyla – Inspired by the character Keyla Detmer from Discovery.
  48. Sarina – After the genetically enhanced Sarina Douglas.
  49. Gaila – Named after the Orion woman Gaila.
  50. Gia – Inspired by the character Gia Orion in “Lower Decks.”
  1. Enterprise – Named after the iconic starship.
  2. Trekker – For dedicated Star Trek fans.
  3. Nimoy – In honor of Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed Spock.
  4. Klingon – For fans of the fierce warrior race.
  5. Tribble – Named after the adorable and prolific creatures.
  6. Warp – Inspired by warp drive technology.
  7. Starfleet – For those who admire the organization.
  8. Federation – Named after the United Federation of Planets.
  9. Phaser – For fans of the handheld energy weapon.
  10. Quasar – Inspired by celestial phenomena.
  11. Romulan – Named after the enigmatic species.
  12. Andorian – For fans of the blue-skinned Andorians.
  13. Bajoran – Named after the Bajoran people.
  14. Trill – Inspired by the symbiotic Trill species.
  15. Kobayashi – After the famous Kobayashi Maru test.
  16. Laser – For those who love futuristic weaponry.
  17. Trekky – A playful variation of “Trekkie.”
  18. Wormhole – Inspired by stable wormholes in the series.
  19. Galaxy – Named after the Milky Way Galaxy.
  20. Ferengi – For fans of the profit-driven Ferengi.
  21. Borg – Named after the cybernetic collective.
  22. Vulcan – Inspired by the logical and stoic Vulcan culture.
  23. Tasha – A tribute to Lieutenant Tasha Yar.
  24. Picard – Named after the iconic captain.
  25. Spock – Inspired by the beloved Vulcan officer.
  26. Dax – After the Trill symbiont.
  27. Riker – Named after Commander Riker.
  28. Troi – Inspired by Counselor Troi.
  29. Sisko – Named after Captain Sisko.
  30. Defiant – For fans of the USS Defiant.
  31. Voyager – Named after the USS Voyager.
  32. Shuttle – Inspired by Starfleet shuttles.
  33. Trekkerella – A playful spin on “Cinderella.”
  34. Starship – For those who dream of space travel.
  35. Captain – Named after the rank of starship leaders.
  36. Trekkyway – A creative play on “Milky Way.”
  37. Nebula – Inspired by celestial clouds of gas.
  38. T’Khasi – After the Vulcan name for their homeworld.
  39. Delta – Named after the Delta Quadrant.
  40. Pon Farr – For fans of Vulcan biology.
  41. Photon – Inspired by photon torpedoes.
  42. Saurian – Named after the Saurian species.
  43. Federation – For fans of interstellar cooperation.
  44. Trekiverse – A playful take on “universe.”
  45. Starbase – Inspired by Starfleet starbases.
  46. Alien – Named after the various alien species.
  47. Vorta – For fans of the Dominion’s Vorta.
  48. Cardassian – Inspired by the Cardassian Union.
  49. Kobayashi – A nod to the famous Starfleet scenario.
  50. Starlight – For those who love the cosmos.


Incorporating your love for Star Trek into your cat’s name is a fun and creative way to express your fandom. Whether you choose a classic character name or something more unique, your cat’s Star Trek-inspired name will be a source of joy and conversation. So, boldly go where no cat has gone before and choose the perfect Star Trek name for your feline companion. Live long and purr-sper!

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