The exact time of hiding depends on your cat’s personality, like whether she is confident, curious, or what scared her. But if your cat is less than 12 weeks old, she may only hide for up to 5 hours. 

However, if you have an old cat, she may hide for a bit longer period. Also, if you have a new cat at home, she may hide for up to 2 days when scared. But remember, do not for the cat to come out of hiding until she is ill or injured and you want to take them to the vet.

how long will a cat hide if scared

Why Is My Cat Scared?

Sometimes cat anxiety affects their nervous system, which is caused by pain, illness, or infectious disease. Cats are among those animals who get scared because they have super sensitive senses that help them react quickly. There are various reasons for cats to get afraid of, and the following are some of those.

1. Entry Of A New Person Or Cat

Usually, cats get scared and hide when a new visitor or a cat enters your home. Cats are much smaller animals than humans; therefore, like humans, they cannot identify whether a stranger is a threat. Cats bond with their owners because cats know they will provide them with food & shelter and are not here to harm them.

However, with strangers, cats may not feel the same security. They may immediately start running after watching a stranger. Also, visiting places like a hospital can make them insecure and scared. If you have recently bought a new cat, your old cat may feel like it is being replaced, which is enough to make them feel alone and scary.

2. Loud Noises

Cats have well-developed senses, including hearing organs. There are many things in the home, such as firecrackers, vacuum cleaner, horns, storms, and anything that make a loud sound that can scare your cat. If your cat fears these sounds, then it is your responsibility to be extra careful around them.

3. Dogs

Cats usually get scared when they notice unknown animals coming into their territory, especially dogs. It would be best if you avoided other animals coming into your home because excess fear of your cat can make her attacking towards others.

How Long Will A Cat Hide If Scared?

How Do I Get My Scared Cat Out Of Hiding?

Although hiding as usual, it can be problematic if she is hiding for so long. Cats do not leave their place until they feel safe and secure

So to bring her out of hiding, you must make her believe that the threat is gone. 

If you want your cat to come out, you must determine the cause of hiding so you can get her rid of that. 

The cause can be anything, such as the loud noise of a vacuum cleaner or other environmental changes. If possible, remove all these things from your cat’s environment. 

However, if you cannot remove the stressors, try some way to block them. 

The best ways to block the sound of thunder, firework, and loud car are:

  • Calm music
  • Sound machine 
  • High TV volume

1. Create an Easy Escape Routine

To make your cat feel safe, you should create an easy and clear way for them to escape. Adding a free escape route ear, your cat will help you escape fast. Make them feel like no one is watching them, and they are alone in the home. 

2. Use treats

Undoubtedly, a food treat is the most effective way to bring your cat out from hiding. But remember, only pick the food your cat loves to eat and have a strong scent so she can smell it. Wet food will be a great option if your cat loves it. 

Keep the food near the place where they are hiding and step back. Avoid coming in front of you because you may scare them more by making noise. Cats can’t resist the smell of food, even if they are not hungry. 

3. Play With Their Favorite Toys

Playing with one of your cat’s toys is another excellent way to bring her out of hiding. When they see you playing with her favorite toy outside her hiding place, she will surely come out to take it. You can also keep some toys near the place they are hidden. 

Will A Scared Cat Come Out Of Hiding?

Will A Scared Cat Come Out Of Hiding?

Yes, a scared cat can escape hiding only when she feels safe and secure. It would be best to make the environment calm so your cat can escape their hiding space. However, if your cat does not come out for more than two days, you must use catnip. 

It is a natural herb that attracts cats. Often a change is found in the cat’s behavior when she smells the catnip. Also, it reduces their stress levels and makes them calm.

You can use catnip in many ways:

  • Sprinkle it near the hiding space 
  • Use a catnip-sprinkled toy to encourage the cat to come out. 


How Do I Get My Cat Out Of Hiding?

Call her politely with her name and make her feel like your cat is not trapped anywhere and she is safe in your home. However, if your cat does not come out for more than seven days, you must call a vet. 

How Long Is It Normal For A Cat To Hide?

Hiding is quite normal for new cats. Usually, new cats hide between 2 to 7 days and come out themselves when they start recognizing you. You must take care of him during this period and provide her with proper food in her hiding space. Do not for her to come out because it can make her feel like you are threatening her. 

How Do I Find My Hidden Cat?

Hidden dark places like under the bed are always the favorite place for cats to hide. However, if you won’t get it there, check other places in the home like dress drawers, back of closets, under the stove, or refrigerator. If you can’t find them, go to the kitchen.

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