Ideally, kittens should live with their mothers for at least 12 weeks. At the initial stage, there is a requirement for a lot of care and concern that can be given only by the mothers. Sometimes mothers go away for some time for the sake of work, but they will come back.

There can be a variation in the period from which their mothers can leave kittens. As time passes, the period can be increased based on the situation that is prevailing at that time.

But at the initial time when the kittens are not too old, they need to be with their mothers only as they need the love and affection of mothers.

One To Two Weeks

At the initial stage of a few weeks, the mother cat can leave their kitten a few times daily. They might be looking for a bite of food for their kittens and the litter box to stretch their legs properly.

Week Three To Five

In the third-week mother, a cat can spend more time in the outside area in comparison to weeks one and two. Now the babies are independent to some extent; they can spend some time without their mothers, even without facing any sort o issues.

Week Six To Eight

Now the kittens are grown a lot; they are no smaller ones. They can handle themselves for a long time without their mothers. Her mother cat can have a good time without their kitten in their chosen area.

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How Long Can a Mother Cat Be Away From Her Newborn Kittens?

Does The Mother Cat Get Sad When They Face Separation From Her Mothers?

Yes, if the mother cat has to face separation, they will experience anxiety, which is her usual reaction. If they are in angry mode, the way of handling the situation will differ at the specific time.

There is not just a single reason leading to a situation in which the cat will face high anxiety. Let’s have a look at some common factors where the cats might be facing an issue of anxiety.

Having a Single Human Family Member

If the family has a single human member and when he goes outside for work, the cat does not have anyone with whom he can talk.

In such a situation, it is expected that the cat will feel alone, and as a result, his mood will turn out to be the one with anger.

Having No Other Pets Around

If an area has more than one pet, they can all be with one another and spend some quality time. But if the pet is single, being alone in the same place becomes boring. In such a situation also, achieving a feeling of anxiety is common.

Change In Routine

Like people, some cats also do not like any change in their routine. If they have to face any situation, it becomes difficult for them to cope and be calm.

Why Won't My Cat Live With Newborn Kittens?

Why Won’t My Cat Live With Newborn Kittens?

The main reason mama cats avoid being with new babies is that they are not able to produce enough milk for their babies. Mainly kittens depend on their mother for milk and water that they provide them. Even cats quickly offer their babies water content so that they feel energetic.

Another reason mama cats avoid being with their babies is that they are not feeling good. Suppose they are faced with any health issue so that they can keep their baby safe for an extended period.

Sometimes the mother does not love to be their kittens as they do not like them.

Even in the starting stage of the kittens, they require a good value of heat production to survive perfectly in the world. The heat that they need is often the one that the mothers offer.

Is It Ok For Mama Cat To Leave Their Babies Alone?

Mama cats can plan to leave their babies alone for a short period of time. If your kittens are younger than four months, then in that case, they can be left alone for a period of a couple of hours. 

If their age is over four months, they can stay alone for about 5 hours. After attaining the age of six months, they have the option to survive alone for about 8 hours a day.

Based on your cat, a variation will be there as the problem they will face and how they will handle the situation that comes in front of them.

The only thing that kittens require for proper survival is water, milk, safe condition, and toys that will make them feel safe and secure.

Even some cats love to be alone, while others get aggressive if they have to stay single for long hours. People can stay in their place and live with love and affection for all the people who are around them.

Can You Leave The Newborn Kitten Alone For The Whole Night?

No, mama cat should not leave their kittens alone for the whole night. They can be left alone for a few hours, but there are better options than a whole night.

If, in any emergency, you have to leave the kittens alone, then you can arrange for another person or their friends. They can survive without their mothers if they have company for an entire night. 

Mothers can just arrange all the things like food, water, and milk so that they can consume the things and survive in a better way.

The place where you are leaving the cat must be safe enough so that they do not face any sort of problem for the time you will not be with them. If they get the love and attention of people living with them, the chance of a mission mother will not be there.

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