Everyone knows cats recognize each other through scents; therefore, they do not remember and recognize their siblings if separated from them at an early age

However, if they are not separated from each other and raised together, then they will recognize each other through scents. 

For cats, siblings are a source of great fun and entertainment, so there are some possibilities that they may miss them if you separate them after a long time though experts are not sure about how long. 

Although cats can identify someone missing from the house and something has changed, nobody knows whether they understand death. 

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Do Cat Remember Their Siblings?

How Long Can A Cat Remember Another Cat?

Usually, cat memory lasts around 16 hours, which means they can only remember another cat for 16 hours.

But in some exceptional cases, cats can keep these things in mind for longer, mainly when they have experienced something traumatic; even some memories can stick with them for a lifetime. 

Also, the latest study on cats by Kyoto University states that cats can even remember each other through their names if they live in the same house. Researchers believe that acts forget the old cat when it gets adopted by the new owners.

Do Cat Remember Their Siblings?

Do Cats Know When Their Siblings Are Missing?

Cats can notice changes in their surroundings and identify that someone is missing from home. 

Although there is no proven study, many cat owners have seen behavior changes in their cats after losing a sibling. 

However, you may find different changes in every cat.

Some most common changes you will find in a cat are:

  • The cat will become depressed and listless
  • Decline to play 
  • Keep sulking around 
  • Becomes silent 
  • Sleep more than usual

If you notice such behaviors in the cat, immediately take her to the vet. 

Do Kitties Miss Their Fathers After Leaving The Home?

Do Kitties Miss Their Fathers After Leaving The Home?

You may not believe this, but most cats even do not know their father. Unlike humans, it’s rare for a cat to meet their father. 

Even their breeder doesn’t know about their parents, especially their father. This is because the cat pregnancies are unplanned by an unknown make cat or in planned one, stud cats are used from another breeder. 

Remember not to separate a cat from her mother before six to eight weeks. During this time, they must remain with their mother because if taken away before this age, it can lead to several behavior issues. 

A cat will spend most of her time pinning for her mother. Also, the cat will always wait for her mother for the next meal. Cats learn most things, such as sociability and confidence, from their mother during this period of eight weeks.

When a kitten leaves their mother after eight weeks, they have gained some skills. So they don’t need their mother for the normal task of going to the toilet or feeding.

However, a cat may seem sad for a few days in the new house, but it can quickly move on and start recognizing its new owners as their parents. 

Do You Need To Worry About Your Kitten Missing Their Family?

Do You Need To Worry About Your Kitten Missing Their Family?

There is nothing to worry about if your cat is missing their parents if they are not weaned before eight months. 

Their feeling and sadness of detachment are short-term; they will forget everything about their parents in a few days. 

The best way to keep the cat happy is by providing them with playmates, either humans or other felines, who can replace their bond with their parents and sign and help them in social and mental development.  

Yes, using the scent, cats’ siblings can know if they’re linked. Every cat has different scents; when cat remains with their siblings for a long time, they start recognizing their scentSo it is believed that even after some years, if the same scent comes to them, they will recognize they are siblings

Usually, cats treat their siblings differently from other cats because they love their company. Most cats play together, eat together and groom each other. When a new cat comes to the some, they do not treat them with love because they have an unrecognized scent. 

Do Cats Have Strong Bond With Their Siblings?

Yes. A cat has a strong bond with their siblings if they remain with them for longer. We all know that cats are usually the most beloved animal on the planet.

It does not matter if you are a hermit, an apartment dweller, or even just a busy-as-a-bee cat owner; bringing home a feline companion will make your life more complete.

But how does your cat feel about their brothers and sisters? Many people are under the impression that cats do not have any real feelings for their siblings.

After all, they’re always fighting and getting into each other’s business when they live together. It seems like they do not care. However, recent research has shown that it is possible for cats to develop strong bonds with their siblings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cat Forget Their Owner After One Month?

If you show love towards your cat and always feed them on time, they will never forget you, regardless of how long you are gone. A cat will always recognize your scent and recognize you when they will find the same scent around them. 

How Long Do Cats Miss Their Siblings?

Although no direct study can tell how long a cat can miss their siblings, it is assumed that it may take some days to months to move up, depending on the cat’s behavior.

Do Cats Feel Sad When Their Kittens Are Taken Away?

Like humans, cats may also feel sad when kittens are taken away from them, but this sadness is temporary. They will start feeling normal after some days. But some cats do not think like it; some know they have to leave their kitten after they turn eight weeks. 

Does Cat Remember Their Past?

Yes, even after several years, cats can identify places, people, and events from the past. Cats think about their history all day, again and again. 

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