Hey there! Are you one of the busy people who feel lonely and stuck in your daily routine that never quickly changes? Unlimited and duplicate work, job pressure, loneliness can make you crazy-minded in no time. How would it feel like to have someone who comforts you just by looking at you when you go home after work? Yes, your pets can make you forget all the bad things that happened on a busy and tiresome day. To keep your loving pets safe and healthy for a long time, you must choose their food wisely. This article describes what cat owners must consider when feeding their cats meat. Do you worry about thinking about “Should I give cats raw or cooked meat? or “Can cats eat raw meat?”

Then read on, and you will find answers for what happens if a cat eats raw meat? And what kind of raw meat can I feed my cat?

Is it OK to give cats raw meat? – Can cats eat raw meat?

The answer is yes. according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)

Cats can eat raw meat safely. However, when it comes to ground beef, you have to cook the meat thoroughly.

It is hard to tell that raw diets or diets that contain a small amount of raw meat are good and healthy for your cat.

We know that wild cats certainly do not roast their prey before tasting. Feral cats are almost definitely used to eating their meat raw. So why can we not feed raw meat to our cats at home?

Is it OK to give cats raw meat

Well, about that, we have a couple of issues with feeding raw meat to the cat.

  1. First, not all raw meat is safe. Even the meat sold to customers at the grocery stores has to be parasite and pathogen-free. That is why grocery stores have disclaimer warnings on all their partially cooked or raw products. Because they know it is possible to have something harmful in their food but will vanish during cooking. But it can be dangerous if we eat these foods raw or undercooked. Many people take this risk as it is possible for them to have medicine for food poisoning.

But cats cannot tell others if they are not feeling well!

Attentive cat parents will probably have an idea about that pet, but you will not know why they cannot function normally. You will notice that your cat is just a little shiftless and lazy. So you can miss the warning signs of a more severe case.

That is the main danger of serving raw meat to your cats. You can reduce the risk as long as you make sure to buy meat from healthy sources. After bringing it home, lean the meat thoroughly, and store it frozen adequately until serving.

2. The other problem is that feeding cats raw meat challenges the right balance of meat and other food. Your cat must have a good balance of nutrients, proteins, carbs, supplemental vitamins and minerals, and fats.

So we recommend consulting with your vet to decide on a balanced meal plan for your cat.

However, if you want to serve small amounts of raw meat as a treat, there are some limitations you must know. After all, not all meat is equal, and your cats really should not have every type of meat out there.

What kind of raw meat can I feed my cat

What kind of raw meat can I feed my cat?

As a general rule, cats should only eat lean cuts of processed meat. Now, there is a huge difference between processing at home and commercial processing. Grinding meat you bought, cooking it, or adding ingredients to benefit your cat is OK. But canned meats or pre-seasoned and salted meats are not a good idea.

As you can feed cats the occasional high-fat meat, you must keep those kinds of meat to a minimum. Bacon, for instance, is both salty and fatty. It is necessary to give your cat a minimum of ham, bacon, or other processed, seasoned meats, although they love those.

When feeding a larger amount of raw meat to cats, you must also try to provide them with various meats. You can add fish, chicken, and red meat to the cat’s diet, but too much of them may be harmful. Feeding cats a considerable amount of the same meat can cause nutritional imbalances.

There are commercially made raw diets that serve a full meal to your cat. They are healthy for most cats and carry a balanced nutrient portion of meat.

Is Raw Meat Good For Cats?

This is a controversial question. Many people believe that raw meat is very good for cats and offers them a more natural diet. Others think that the harmful effects of feeding raw meat outweigh the benefits, even for occasional treats.

Many people agree and say that attempting a raw diet is not a good idea. According to the vet, that opinion stands because of the issues with raw meats and food safety. The difficulty of making a well-balanced raw meal for your cat can also be a reason.

If you are willing to buy or create high-quality raw meat-based food, raw meat can be good for your cat. But if you are worried that making raw diets takes too much dedication and time, there are other options. Your cat can be happy and healthy on a wet food or kibble diet as well.

How can cats eat raw meat safely

How can cats eat raw meat safely?

Despite the different drawbacks of raw meat meals, there are many ways to make this a safer choice for your cat. Here are a few tips:

  • Always buy fresh meat from a reliable source.
  • Make sure to wash hands after handling raw meat or use gloves
  • Disinfect food bowls and surfaces that have been in touch with raw meat.
  • Keep raw meat in a refrigerator/freezer, compactly sealed to avoid cross-contamination.
Should you Feed your Cats a raw diet

Should you Feed your Cats a raw diet?

Many people worry if they should feed their cats a raw diet. We already talked a lot about the complicated process of creating a good raw diet. Now let us talk about “is feeding your cat a raw diet right for you?”

There are several reasons you might want to offer your cat a raw diet:

  • Your cat has dietary obstructions that make finding pre-made diets difficult
  • You want to make cat’s meal more natural
  • Your cat is being picky and refuses other kinds of food
  • Your cat has more personality and energy on a raw diet

But there are also reasons not to feed raw as well:

  • You worry that you would not notice a food-borne or parasite illness in your cat
  • Inadequacy of free time to prepare raw diets for your cat
  • Your cat likes to be free-fed instead of having fixed mealtimes
  • You do not have a space to store frozen or refrigerated raw food safely

Any reason for deciding to feed raw or not to feed raw is a personal choice. No one will shame or judge anyone for such reasons. All that matters is choosing the best food, which does not have any harmful effect on their heath. 


You may be probably caring about your pet more than you care about yourself. Cats are incredible foodies and crave any meat, whether it is cooked or raw. It is OK to give them raw meat, but you must know minor conditions and limitations. Consider whether the meat you feed is fresh, healthy, not fatty, or salty, and does not carry unhealthy ingredients. Keep in mind not to provide a large amount of the same meat, as it courses nutritional imbalances. You can feed your feline fur ball with both cooked and raw meat according to your choice. But always give your priority to ensure the safety of your feline friend.

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