Are you on the hunt for the purrfect name for your beloved feline friend? Look no further than the world of Latin names. Not only do these names add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your cat’s identity, but they also connect your pet to a rich historical tradition. In this article, we’ll explore a plethora of Latin names for cats, categorized by gender and offering unisex options as well. Let’s dive in!

Latin Cat Names for Males:

  1. Leo Magnus (Great Lion)
  2. Maximus Aurelius (Greatest Golden)
  3. Felix Caelum (Lucky Sky)
  4. Augustus Nix (Majestic Night)
  5. Nero Ignis (Black Fire)
  6. Lucius Marcellus (Bright Warrior)
  7. Valerius Aegis (Strong Shield)
  8. Titus Solis (Honorable Sun)
  9. Octavius Zephyr (Eighth Breeze)
  10. Brutus Nocturnus (Strong of the Night)
  11. Tiberius Nova (River of Newness)
  12. Claudius Orion (Lame Hunter)
  13. Apollo Sirius (God of the Brightest Star)
  14. Ares Draco (God of War Dragon)
  15. Vulcan Ignatius (God of Fire Fiery)
  16. Cato Aequitas (Wise Justice)
  17. Marcus Tempestas (Warlike Storm)
  18. Calix Apollo (Chalice of the God of Sun)
  19. Aurelius Titan (Golden Giant)
  20. Ignatius Voltaire (Fiery Freedom)
  21. Sirius Fidelis (Faithful Star)
  22. Octavian Zephyrus (Eighth West Wind)
  23. Marcellus Nero (Little Hammer, Black)
  24. Valiantus Leo (Brave Lion)
  25. Lucius Maximilian (Brightest Greatest)
  26. Aegis Caelum (Shield of the Sky)
  27. Solis Aurelius (Sun’s Golden)
  28. Zephyr Tiberius (West Wind of the River)
  29. Draco Ignis (Dragon of Fire)
  30. Titan Valerius (Giant Strong)
  31. Nova Calix (New Chalice)
  32. Orion Apollo (Hunter God of Sun)
  33. Nix Brutus (Night Strong)
  34. Nocturnus Vulcan (Of the Night, Fiery)
  35. Ignatius Cato (Fiery Wisdom)
  36. Tempestas Marcus (Stormy Warrior)
  37. Voltaire Claudius (Freedom Lame)
  38. Fidelis Augustus (Faithful Majestic)
  39. Leo Octavian (Lion Eighth)
  40. Maximilian Marcellus (Greatest Little Hammer)
  41. Aequitas Lucius (Justice Bright)
  42. Valiantus Solis (Brave Sun)
  43. Titan Orion (Giant Hunter)
  44. Apollo Nix (God of Night)
  45. Aegis Draco (Shield Dragon)
  46. Zephyrus Calix (West Wind Chalice)
  47. Ignis Brutus (Fire Strong)
  48. Nova Tiberius (New River)
  49. Nero Vulcan (Black Fiery)
  50. Octavius Sirius (Eighth Bright Star)

Latin Cat Names for Females:

  1. Luna Stella (Moon Star)
  2. Bella Seraphina (Beautiful Fiery Angel)
  3. Regina Amara (Queen Bitter)
  4. Aelia Aurelia (Sun’s Daughter Golden)
  5. Flora Junia (Flower Young)
  6. Julia Marcella (Youthful Warrior)
  7. Valentina Aurora (Strong Woman of Dawn)
  8. Lucia Caeli (Light of the Sky)
  9. Octavia Serena (Eighth Serene)
  10. Livia Fortuna (Blue Fortune)
  11. Calista Noctis (Most Beautiful of the Night)
  12. Bella Celestia (Beautiful Heavenly)
  13. Felicia Alba (Happy Dawn)
  14. Ophelia Luciana (Help Light)
  15. Mariana Luna (Star of the Sea)
  16. Seraphina Aurora (Fiery Angel of Dawn)
  17. Stella Valeria (Star of Valor)
  18. Amara Luminis (Eternal Light)
  19. Caelia Flora (Heavenly Flower)
  20. Junia Aelia (Young Sun’s Daughter)
  21. Aurelia Julia (Golden Youthful)
  22. Aurora Valentina (Dawn Strong)
  23. Marcella Lucia (Little Hammer Light)
  24. Serena Octavia (Serene Eighth)
  25. Fortuna Livia (Fortunate Blue)
  26. Noctis Calista (Of the Night, Most Beautiful)
  27. Celestia Bella (Heavenly Beautiful)
  28. Alba Felicia (Dawn Happy)
  29. Luciana Ophelia (Light Help)
  30. Luna Mariana (Moon of the Sea)
  31. Aurora Seraphina (Dawn Fiery Angel)
  32. Valeria Stella (Valor Star)
  33. Luminis Amara (Light Eternal)
  34. Flora Caelia (Flower of the Sky)
  35. Aelia Junia (Sun’s Daughter Young)
  36. Julia Aurelia (Youthful Golden)
  37. Valentina Aurora (Strong Woman of Dawn)
  38. Lucia Marcella (Light Warrior)
  39. Octavia Serena (Eighth Serene)
  40. Livia Fortuna (Blue Fortune)
  41. Calista Noctis (Most Beautiful of the Night)
  42. Celestia Bella (Heavenly Beautiful)
  43. Felicia Alba (Happy Dawn)
  44. Luciana Ophelia (Light Help)
  45. Mariana Luna (Star of the Sea)
  46. Seraphina Aurora (Fiery Angel of Dawn)
  47. Stella Valeria (Star of Valor)
  48. Amara Luminis (Eternal Light)
  49. Caelia Flora (Heavenly Flower)
  50. Junia Aelia (Young Sun’s Daughter)

Unisex Latin Cat Names:

  1. Amicus Aureus (Friendly Golden)
  2. Fortuna Serenitatis (Fortune of Serenity)
  3. Nexus Vita (Connection to Life)
  4. Primus Aequus (First Fair)
  5. Finis Cordis (End of Heart)
  6. Carus Sylva (Beloved Forest)
  7. Felicitas Astra (Happiness of the Stars)
  8. Lux Aeternum (Eternal Light)
  9. Mirabilis Nexus (Wonderful Connection)
  10. Nox Serenus (Night Serene)
  11. Nova Astra (New Star)
  12. Pulsar Bellum (Pulsating Battle)
  13. Terra Celestis (Earthly Heavenly)
  14. Ultimus Fidelis (Final Faithful)
  15. Venustas Solaris (Charm of the Sun)
  16. Vita Ignis (Life of Fire)
  17. Vesper Caeli (Evening of the Sky)
  18. Ferox Tempus (Wild Time)
  19. Gladius Fulgur (Sword of Lightning)
  20. Infinitum Lucis (Infinite Light)
  21. Aequus Amicus (Fair Friend)
  22. Serenitas Fortuna (Serenity of Fortune)
  23. Vita Nexus (Life Connection)
  24. Astra Primus (First Star)
  25. Cordis Finis (Heart’s End)
  26. Sylva Carus (Forest Beloved)
  27. Astra Felicitas (Star of Happiness)
  28. Aeternum Lux (Eternal Light)
  29. Nexus Mirabilis (Connection Wonderful)
  30. Serenus Nox (Serene Night)
  31. Astra Nova (Star New)
  32. Bellum Pulsar (Warlike Pulsating)
  33. Celestis Terra (Heavenly Earth)
  34. Fidelis Ultimus (Faithful Final)
  35. Solaris Venustas (Sun’s Charm)
  36. Ignis Vita (Fire Life)
  37. Caeli Vesper (Sky Evening)
  38. Tempus Ferox (Time Wild)
  39. Fulgur Gladius (Lightning Sword)
  40. Lucis Infinitum (Light Infinite)
  1. Luna Noctis: Moon of the Night
  2. Felix Amicus: Lucky Friend
  3. Stella Maris: Star of the Sea
  4. Maximus Fidelis: Greatest Companion
  5. Aurora Lucis: Dawn of Light
  6. Leo Magnificus: Magnificent Lion
  7. Bella Diva: Beautiful Goddess
  8. Nero Caelum: Black Sky
  9. Luna Serenitatis: Moon of Serenity
  10. Calix Fortuna: Chalice of Fortune
  11. Lucius Aureus: Golden Light
  12. Flora Bella: Beautiful Flower
  13. Astra Nocturnus: Nightly Star
  14. Luna Aeterna: Eternal Moon
  15. Felix Ventus: Lucky Wind
  16. Stella Bellatrix: Star Warrior
  17. Aurora Vivida: Bright Dawn
  18. Leo Regalis: Royal Lion
  19. Bella Lux: Beautiful Light
  20. Caelum Serenum: Clear Sky
  21. Solis Amicus: Sun’s Friend
  22. Luna Celestia: Heavenly Moon
  23. Felix Animus: Lucky Spirit
  24. Stella Aurora: Star of Dawn
  25. Ignis Bellus: Beautiful Fire
  26. Astra Fortis: Strong Star
  27. Leo Ignitus: Fiery Lion
  28. Bella Venusta: Charming Beauty
  29. Serenitas Noctis: Nightly Serenity
  30. Aurora Zephyrus: Dawn Breeze
  31. Leo Nobilis: Noble Lion
  32. Felix Cordis: Lucky Heart
  33. Stella Radiata: Radiant Star
  34. Maximus Tempus: Greatest Time
  35. Felicia Luminis: Happy Light
  36. Serenitas Ventus: Serene Wind
  37. Luna Valida: Valiant Moon
  38. Stella Flamma: Star Flame
  39. Regulus Fidelis: Faithful Ruler
  40. Bella Melodia: Beautiful Melody
  41. Solis Splendor: Sun’s Radiance
  42. Caelum Aeternum: Eternal Sky
  43. Leo Victor: Victorious Lion
  44. Aurora Lucida: Bright Aurora
  45. Stella Aegis: Shielded Star
  46. Ignis Sapiens: Wise Fire
  47. Felicia Harmonia: Happy Harmony
  48. Luna Praesidium: Guardian Moon
  49. Serenus Splendor: Serene Radiance
  50. Bella Aeternum: Eternal Beauty

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