Why are cats so lazy?

Cats are born hunters. They use a long hour sleep cycle to conserve energy. When they are on the hunt, the cat has to burn extensive energy chasing the small animals. The sleep cycle is developed to accommodate the need of their routine life. Because of the sleep cycle, the cat consumes less food.

Is it normal for cats to be lazy?

The cat seems lazy during the day because they are trying to conserve their energy for the hunt at night. Cat and dogs are some of the animals that have changed their natural habitat from the forest to the home.

These two animals have found their companion in humans, and they have adopted the new environment comfortably.

The transformation has occurred many centuries back, but still, these animals are following the routine of their natural habitat.

Most of the wild animals sleep during the day because they use the nighttime for hunting. Instead of hunting in the daylight, the night helps them to capture more food.

So these animals have developed the hunting cycle, which makes the action in the night. During the day, the animals try to conserve their energy.

Sleeping the whole day helps them to avoid eating. So you can see the cat eats less and comfortably leave their life at the minimum food.

Why do cats sleep all day

Why do cats sleep all day?

Cat uses their daytime to preserve their energy and avoid the food as much as possible. Cats have evolved as natural hunters. They hunt down the small animal in the night. Generally, cats get active as soon dusk arrives.

From dusk to early morning, they hunt. So you can see the cats that live in the wild have to consume a good amount of energy during this period as the cats are long-distance runners.

Their agility makes them consume more calories when they are hunting. If you closely observe, in the nights, your cats are hyperactive. They play, jump on the sofas and do various activities in the house. Cat has adapted many new habits, but the cat is still the wild animal from their genes

Even if they do not have to go out for the hunt, their programmed brain, which is developed over the centuries, instructs them to sleep during the day and stay active at night. Their sleep cycle allows them to use minimal energy and preserve the energy for hunting.

How do I stop my cat from being lazy?

Cats are not designed to stay lazy. The change has happened over time, and the animal adopts laziness to save energy and use it when required. Most animals cant store food in their body, so they have to keep eating to survive.

If they are not getting sufficient food to eat, they may go through starvation.

Due to that, cats sleep during the day, so they do not have to eat continuously. Anything other than sleep can consume energy.

Less food will result in health problems, and they may die. Of course, the house cat does not have to go out and search for food.

They can eat their regular meal and survive. But the change in their external environment has not yet programmed in their brain.

The bodies still following the natural patterns and use them for survival. The cats are not yet fully domesticated. They still follow the wildlife routine.

If you want your cat to live active life instead of sleeping the whole day, you can make some changes in their routine life to offer them more reason to stay engaged and play.

How do I stop my cat from being lazy

Follow these steps to make your cat active during the day.

1) Give them their territory

Cat finds some places in the home which they start owning. They will not allow the other animals or another cat in the house to use their territory.

For example, if the cat chooses the particular shelves in the home, they will not allow anyone to use them.

Even you put anything on the shelves, they will ensure that it is not their next time. So offers the proper territory to the cat, so they become more comfortable.

It keeps them engage in the territory and does not bother about their natural routine.

2) Right type of toy:

Cats like to play with the toy. Choose the toy that replicates the size and shape of the mice or any small animal. It will keep them busy playing with it. 

No all types of the toy make them develop interest. In the beginning, try to switch the toys. The cat likes to try new things so that they will get bored with the old toys.

How do I stop my cat from being lazy?

The cat would need encouragement or a reason to stay active. Find some time during the day to pay with them. Use the props to help them follow you or play with you.You can use the feather touch, rope chase, and play with toys.

Involve them in different games. You can also train the cat in particular activities such as sleeping on a specially made bed for the animals.

Not jumping on the tv or electronics in the home and not entering the kitchen. Every time the cat follows the rules, reward them with special cat food to encourage them to follow these rules in the house.

These activities will keep the cat engage during the day. You can even take them for a walk whenever you have time.

Try to build a routine pattern. Cat remembers the time of the day and the activities they perform regularly. Once the pattern is built, the cat will follow the routine and may not sleep during the day.

Why does my cat not like to play

Why does my cat not like to play?

Cat engagement in the playing is the sign that they are comfortable and feels safe in the house. If the cat senses the predator around the home, it will become more conscious and stop playing like they usually do.

So see if there is any noise or animal spying in your backyard, which makes the cat nervous.

Another reason may be the change in the diet plan. If you are feeding them too much or too little, it may develop stress in their body.

She will find it hard to react to normal activities. As a result, they will be less involved in playful activities. Cats are more sensitive to the environment, so better you keep the house cat-friendly. Remove any moving object or noise-making electronics that bothers the cat during the day.

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