Cats observe things you do in the home. As the partner in the house, they are willing to do everything you do. Licking a cup or drinking water from the cup is an obsession they develop after looking at you. Also, drinking water from a cup is more accessible than drinking from a plate. 

Why do cats lick cups?

Cats are peculiar animals. They sometimes behave annoyingly. You may find them licking cups and many other materials around them. The behavior is similar to the adoring of their child. 

You might have seen the mother cat licking their children every morning. Licking is a way to showcase the care for the other animal. 

When similar action is applied to the material, there are two reasons behind that, one is the cat started liking the material, and now they believe they own this. Licking ensures no other cat or animal takes this from them. 

It is now in its position, and others are not allowed to touch it. Another reason is the cat is experiencing unique tastes that they may be liking. Also, cups are made of different materials. 

Cats’ touch and smell senses are pretty strong. Glass, plastic, and clay are used in cup making. They all provide different tastes and feel unique when you drink from them. 

When they drink the water from the cup made of clay, they will experience the feeling of drinking water from a lake or river. The aroma of the clay may not be recognizable to humans, but the animals can smell those aromas easily. 

Why does my cat lick my cup?

Cats will love drinking from a cup.

Your cat shows interest in drinking water from the cup because they have a great taste or feel while drinking from it. So they want to experience a similar effect every time they complete their meal and want to drink water.  Cat tends to appreciate the things that they started liking. Licking is the expected behavior of the cat that you get to experience when they start loving the cup. They lick the cup more often, showing sympathy towards it. A cat will develop a sense of position about the cup.

Why does my cat lick my straw?

Why does my cat lick my straw?

Licking, Chewing, or eating non-food items is known as pica. Cats are often found licking the material lying on the ground. Plastic is most common as they are in large numbers in the house. 

Licking a straw indicates they love the taste. Licking a straw could signify that the beverage you drink is what they also like. They might have tested the liquid before in your absence, and now they want to drink that too. 

Biting straw is the habit cat develop when they do not get to go outside. It is a natural activity of the cat. They are primarily after their food in the wild, running and catching the food. Biting is a common practice that all animals share. 

Even when the cat lives in the house, its programmed brain will remember its roots and show the biting sense when something can be chewed. Biting and chewing makes them feel that they are eating their food. 

Because most fresh meat is complex and has gummy characteristics, animals have to chew them while eating. The straw might be giving them the feeling of eating the food. It makes their senses feel food.

What does it mean when a cat licks something?

Licking is the most common behavior of the cat you often see in the house. They lick everything they find nearby. You may question why the cat is licking all the stuff around them. 

The licking is the method most the animals have adapted to showcase their position for the object. When a cat develops affection for any object or a human, in your case, the cat will show empathy towards you. 

You might have seen similar licking behavior towards the kitten. Every time the kitten has a close encounter with the mother, the cat will start licking them. 

When adult cats lick each other, they indicate love for others. Such behavior calms down the kitten and makes them feel safe. They now have become emotionally connected. 

Another reason why cat lick is to declare territory. Generally, wild animals identify their environment based on the smell they find on the object. 

They want to tell other animals in the region that the thing belongs to them so that another animal can touch it. The licking spreads their saliva, which other cats or animals can smell. 

Why does my cat lick my glasses?

Why does my cat lick my glasses?

One reason for licking glass is that the cat likes the water droplet formed outside the glass. They enjoy the chilled water reduction on the glass. Also, the glass surface offers a unique taste to the water. If you drink water from a metal glass, it will taste differently.

Every material taste differently. The fresh taste of the water in the glass makes them drink more water than the water served on the plate.

It’s all about how the water tastes and feels in the glass. The glass surface, water droplets, and overall taste make them crave to have a similar experience every time they see the glass around it. If they do not like its taste, they will avoid drinking from it. Licking the glass makes them happy.

Why does my cat always want to drink from the toilet and my cups?

Cats are more often found drinking water from the toilet bowls. Why do cats do this? The simple reason for this is the cat’s interest in drinking the cooler water. It is a common problem that every cat owners deal with in their lifetime. 

The toilet structure and material used in the making keep the water cooler for a more extended period. Compared to plastic or metal, the toilet seat is ceramic, which stays cool during the entire season. So cats get drawn to the toilet seat to find the fresh cool water.

Another reason for drinking water from the toilet and cup is that it is easy to drink from a tiny elevated object.

When you serve the water to the serving plate, the cat must lean down to drink the water. In contrast, the cup and toilet offer them an elevated area to drink the water, making it easy to drink. 

Several microorganisms in the toilet water cause the cat to develop health problems. Regular contact with the harmful water will also have a lethal impact. However, the cat should not be allowed to drink the water from the toilet.

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